Paul Hobb’s Winery can be found in Sebastopol, a city in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley, California, approximately 80 km north of San Francisco. It is close enough to the Pacific Ocean to benefit from the onshore breezes and fog that makes the land fertile and rich – perfect for growing grapes.


When Paul first saw the lie of the land, his heart flew back to his old home in Upstate, New York and he fell in love with the Russian River Valley. He had to buy the land!


His desire to grow superlative fruit and the unique palate that consistently produces the world-renowned and award-winning vintages can be attributed to his father’s teachings, on their apple farm, at Lake Ontario. His father would hand him apples from different regions of the area and Paul learned to distinguish the flavors from the different soils in which they grew.


He carried this refined palate over to the growing of grapes, knowing which would produce a more acid-tasting wine and which would be sweeter. He strongly believes that a minimally-invasive growing technique allows the subtlety and complexity of the vineyard origins to be displayed with authenticity.


His minimalist technique is continued with the wines being aged in French oak and fermented with native yeasts. The wines are then bottled unrefined and unfiltered. The success of these techniques is proved with his Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2011, displaying lively acidity.


As well as Hobb’s Chardonnay Russian River Valley Ritchie Vineyard 2011 that is interestingly complex with pear, fig and smoky honeysuckle, blending together to make a wine that is smooth all the way down.


The Paul Hobb’s range of wines is spectacular and every one has won awards. They feature in the most notable magazines in the world. His Chardonnay’s, Pinot Noir’s, Syrah’s and Cabernet Sauvignon’s are unique because of his style of growing, fermenting and bottling and he is consistently producing more wines that have put him at the pinnacle of the wine producing world.


In The Food & Wine Magazine, Robert Parker has declared Paul Hobbs as the top wine producer and consultant. That is no mean accolade considering the company the Paul Hobb’s Winery keeps.


The accolades are not just for the wines but for the man, Paul Hobbs. He was called “The Steve Jobs of Wine” in Forbes Magazine.


The number of write-ups that his wines have received are too numerous to mention but Paul doesn’t take all this adoration lightly. He is a humble and self-effacing man who works hard, travels to his other vineyards and visits his consultation clients. He inherited his disciplined dedication from his strong-willed father and it has paid off.


The team that makes up the core of Paul Hobb’s Winery, believes in giving back some of the good fortune their years of hard work have produced. They support more than a dozen local and National non-profit organizations, not just with donations, but with their time by participating in events. They strive to make a difference in many lives and they have succeeded admirably.


Contact Paul Hobb's Winery and book wine tasting not just of the current crop of wines but their library wines. Take a tour of the winery and estate and experience the beauty of this country, breathe in the refreshing air coming off the Pacific Ocean and give thanks that places like this exist and are accessible to enjoy.


Joanie Kates