Charlotte Winery Tours to Do


The beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina is the home to many tourist attractions, but it is also near some of the more celebrated wineries on the eastern side of the United States. Since the turn of the 21st century, more people have taken notice of the many fine wineries that populate the area near Charlotte which has led to a substantial growth in the tourism industry.


For wine lovers, there are many wine tours to take in and around the Charlotte area. Here are a few of our favorites that will provide you with a wonderful sampling of the delicious wine that is produced in this part of the country.


In the City


The city of Charlotte offers several tasting rooms and restaurants that serve the wine from the region. one of the most prominent is The Wooden Vine. Here, you can choose a sampling of the many wines produced in the greater Charlotte area while enjoying a meal. You can also venture to the Assorted Table Wine Shoppe which offers local and international wines that will enhance your sense of discovery when on a wine tour.


A more intimate experience can be found in the Punch Room at the Ritz-Carlton which provides several local wines along with different types of drinks. If you venture to the edge of the city, you’ll find Petit Philippe which provides boutique wines along with delicious chocolate located in historic Myers Park.


Yadkin Valley Wine Tours


Located just over an hour north of Charlotte, the Yadkin Valley offers a cluster of vineyards that are only a few miles apart. This means that you can visit several vineyards and wineries in one day and sample from a wide variety of brands. Some of the prominent vineyards include Flint Hill, Sanders Ridge, and Divine Llama, all of which have earned a strong reputation for their high-quality wines. You can also explore more of the valley through the many scenic roads and visit places such as Shadow Springs, Laurel Gray, Dobbins Creek, and more.


Another popular winery in the Yadkin Valley is Shelton vineyards that is the largest of the family-owned businesses in all North Carolina. You can take the tour and during the summer enjoy their concert series which makes them a favorite place to visit.


Treehouse Vineyards

Located in Monroe which is just south of Charlotte, the Treehouse Vineyards offers an excellent place to visit and stay. You can enjoy tasting the many Muscatine wines that offer a sweet hint while renting one of the several treehouses on the property. There is something unique about renting a treehouse and enjoying your wine.


These are just three of the many different wine tours that you can take in the greater Charlotte area. You can set out from the city to visit one or two wineries or travel down the interstates such as I-77 or I-85 and run into several great wineries that offer wine tasting rooms and tours. Spring and late fall are usually the best times of the year because of the weather.