Napa Valley has no shortage of high quality, exceptional wines and wineries, but there are many more options out there. One such option is Oliver Winery. It offers the excellence and the experiences that one would want from a winery. Individuals can visit and take a tour through the winery as well as purchase wines made at the location. Hotels in Napa Valley can benefit from the wine, too. While most hotels will go straight to locally sourced wine, this is a different treat. It is something that most visitors will not have tasted before. It provides a new option that can help a hotel to stand out from the crowd.



Oliver Winery is a winery located in Bloomington, IN. It provides visitors with the winery experience. This includes tours, tastings, and a wide range of high quality wines for sale. It is everything a winery should be. The exquisite appearance of the winery provides a warm, inviting appearance that one craves. It creates a unique personality and environment that helps to craft the entire experience. It is not new of a winery to do this, of course, but it is done exceptionally well nonetheless. It perfectly complements the selection of available wines to taste and to purchase.


The selection is what shines at Oliver Winery. You have a mixture of dries, desserts, semi-dries, and semi-sweets. You have these wines in both red and white. Anyone choosing Oliver Winery can find one that suits their tastes. For hotels, this provides a large selection of wines that will make it easier to appeal to a larger market. This works on two levels. The first is the ability to find a drink that the drinker will like. The second is having a variety of options that visitors cannot normally find locally. It helps a hotel in Napa Valley to stand out in ways that were difficult before.



Oliver Winery also offers wines at discounts when purchasing more bottles. When buying 3 cases+, there is a 30% discount applied. For a hotel, this leads to savings. Hotels can stock the shelves with a massive selection and variety of wines at a much smaller cost. This will allow the hotel to profit off wines that people will actually enjoy. It is an easy way to appeal to the local market while also making money as a business. It is a smart move for any hotel.


Megan Jones