Not many of you would know but the best wines in Napa Valley can be found nowhere but in the Oak Knoll Wineries. Although the Oak Knoll Wineries are majorly hidden from tourists and the tasting rooms less crowded as compared to other wineries and vineyards in the area, this is where the best wine is produced and the best wine tours conducted. Although the Big Ranch Road and the Oak Knoll Avenue are situated just north of Napa between the Silverado Trail and Highway 29, the wineries are less known to tourists and stay clear of crowds round the year.


So why is the wine produced at Oak Knoll Wineries that good when hardy anybody knows about it? To answer this question, let’s tell you about the climate of Oak Knoll wine country. The region has the coolest of winds in Napa Valley influenced highly by the San Pablo Bay. Warm air blows in from the north but does not have much affect and therefore the versatile climatic conditions of the region favor the growth of a number of grapes species which are then used to produce exotic tasting wines.



Here is a rundown of some of the best Oak Knoll Wineries:

-        Trefethen Vineyards

The chardonnay from these vineyards has bagged the award for being The Best In The World. However chardonnay alone isn’t grown here but different varieties of Bordeaux and Pinot Noir are also grown on the favorable soil and climatic condition of the Trefethen Vineyards.


-        Robert Biale Vineyards

Black chicken is what this particular vineyard is known for. But be surprised because black chicken is nothing but a code word for the exotic zinfandel wine grown on the properties. The Biale Vineyards have been producing vintage wines since 1991 using Zinfandel from wines that are as old as six decades. Al Perry happens to be the wine maker at Biale and makes amazing Syrah with grapes grown in Alexander Valley.


-        Black Stallion Winery

This particular winery has the best scenic beauty surrounding it and some of the best wines in the region and of course a rich history too. The Black Stallion Winery was opened in 2007 and has become one of the leading vineyards and family owned wineries in the country. Owned and operated by the Indelicato Family, with a wine making history of ninety years, the Black Stallion Winery certainly knows its products and boosts of the best wineries in Oak Knoll.


-        Darioush Winery

Darioush Winery was founded by Darioush Khaledi in the year 1999. Along with making some rich wines and experimenting with Iranian flavors, the Darioush Winery boasts of an amazing architect, patio filled with sculptures, pillars and fountains on lush green yards and of course the Iranian hospitality. Although Oak Knoll Wineries are known for their amazing interiors, spell binding vineyards and exotic wines but there are only a handful which would match the Darioush experience.  This one winery should be on your must see list when you’re off on an expedition to explore the Oak Knoll Wineries.