Probably when Robert Luis said “wine is bottled poetry”, he must have been from New Jersey. Of course, wine lovers will tell you that no good story will come from someone who just had some salad. Where is my Glass? New Jersey wine tasting is just something you must do since the different wineries there offer the best wines in the world. At least I must tell you that what is found in New York is just a sample of what you are yet to taste when you visit wineries in NJ to taste their best handcraft from the wonderful vineyards. So which are these wineries and what do they have to offer? Here are the best places for wine tasting in NJ.


Cream Ridge Winery


Tom and Joan started this great winery in 1988, and to date, the quality of their handcrafted wine will make you come back for more and more. The family business produces some of the best wine brands, and this is the reason why the winery stands the best around Cream Ridge and beyond. So are you looking forward to a fun-filled NJ Wine tasting weekend with friends or solo? The place to be is at this wonderful winery where you will find the best dry to sweet wine brands in NJ.


At Cream Ridge Winery, you will like their traditional way of preparing sweet and fruit wines which they are very well known for. Their dry red wines will also add some fun to your  NJ wine tasting mission since they have the best tasting Chambourcin which has been crowned the best red dry wine for a couple of years.  So now you have a good plan to visit NJ and enjoy what this classic winery has to offer, as you enjoy the quality that comes with every penny you spend there.


Cava Winery


Visit cava for a different wine tasting experience in NJ. This is another great winery managed by an experienced team where you will have a completely different style right from the serving to the great craft work done by the veteran winemakers. Here we are talking about the bistro style of serving wine tasters in New Jersey the one and only of its kind. The winery offers 7 different flights and is averagely priced ranging from $6 to $8. At Cava winery, you can enroll in their membership plan, and wine will be shipped to you every month. This is a great plan for your wine tasting in NJ where you can become a member and every month you will receive discounts on wines ordered online.


Cape May Winery


A nice place to visit one of the afternoons when you envy New Jersey wine tasting and specifically when you head towards the South. This winery produces some of the best wines in Southern NJ. Their grapes are planted in a 70 acres piece of land and they are wisely selected to make the best wines. There are three wine tasting rooms strategically facing their vineyard. You can as well walk through the vineyard and have an opportunity to taste the soon to be released wines. This is a great way to spend your weekends with friends.


These are some of the best wineries you will find in New Jersey. Therefore if you are a fan of nice crafted wine, you now know where to find it. Wine tasting in NJ offers the best and most cherished samples that you will always want to come back for more. 


By:Annie Wesley