Wine Tasting Prices in Napa Valley


If you are considering travelling to Napa Valley and sampling some of the finest wine produced in the US, you will need to create a travel budget so you can have enough money for the wine tasting. The good news is that most wine tasting fees charged by wineries are reasonable. This is probably because they want you to purchase their wine and the tasting session is their way of introducing you to their brand.



However, it should be noted that not long ago wineries never charged for a taste of their wine. The growing popularity of wine tasting tours combined with the expense of running tasting rooms means that wineries are charging more every year for the experience.


Average Wine Tasting Price


While different wineries charge different amounts for a session of wine tasting, the average cost is currently $20 per person. There are some which charge around $15 and others that charge $25, but the average is around $20, so have that available for every wine tasting room you want to visit on your trip. The cost covers the wine, maintaining the room, and the employees who serve the wine.



$20 is a ballpark figure and one that may go up over the next few years if the trend continues. For those who are traveling on the fabled Highway 29 where many of the wineries and vineyards are located, you can trust that the wine tasting rooms will be open on most days from morning to early evening. You may want to make a list and budget the money needed for your wine tasting. For the most part, reservations are not needed as you can simply go into the wine tasting rooms when they are available.


Tasting Options

Each winery has its own tasting options which means that you might get more or less for your money. The tasting options include, but are not limited to the following:


-        Reserve

-        Library

-        Food & Wine Pairing

-        Tour & Tasting

-        Barrel Samples


Almost all will cost more than the standard $20 per person for a sample in the wine tasting room. However, if you have a winery that captures your interest, you may want to go for a more expansive experience by adding a tour or pairing it with some food. However, if you are on a budget you should stick to the wineries that have tasting rooms for the $20 price tag.


There are ways to save on your wine tasting tour starting by asking the concierge at the hotel you are staying if they have two-for-one coupons. This means that you can split the $20 bill and make it an even less expensive experience. You should not factor that into your budget however, simply because different wineries will have different types of discounts, some of which may not work for you or are only available during different times of the year.


With a little checking, you can find even lower prices for wine tasting rooms that will make your winery tour more budget friendly and enjoyable.