Napa Valley is famous worldwide for its amazing collections of wines. Most of the tourists love to visit this area to taste them and love to enjoy the ultimate sites around. There are more than 400 well-maintained wineries and each one of these has stunning views, tasting rooms and caves. You will be glad to hear that most of these wineries are owned by families so visitors will find all the arrangements like home. These sites often stay busy with tourists from different countries so if you are planning to schedule your visit, prefer to book an appointment in advance to your desired site so that you can spend comfortable time here.


Some of the most famous wineries of Napa Valley

Alpha Omega

You will find this family-owned winery on Highway 29 and it is well known for its chic and rustic tasting rooms. Alpha Omega also features few private tastings that you can reserve with pre-booking during your visit. Never forget to taste the delicious panoramic terrace in the ultimate weather of this winery.


This is one of the largest wineries around the world and it is famous for its high-quality Napa Valley Wine collections. You can easily find the entry-level bottle service as well as special appointment based extraordinary private tasting room service.


The name of the winery may appear funny, but it is located at a very attractive site. Since the 1970's, Cakebread Winery has been operating in Rutherford, on Highway 29, and has been serving visitors with the finest collection of full-flavored reds and incredible Chardonnay. The Cakebread Winery is a family owned setup and are all about satisfying their guests. Upon visiting, expect to explore food pairings, educational experiences, tours and a wide range of tastings.

Clif Family Winery

Here is another excellent choice for wine and winery lovers. If you plan your visit to Napa Valley, never forget to rent a bike from Velo Vino to Clifs Organic Farm. It is situated at a distance of 24 miles only and along with the ultimate collections of wine flavors, tourists would also love to enjoy the delicious food in this area. This family-owned winery is popular for its ultimate site management where all amenities are easily available.


Duckhorn is a top pioneer in the Napa Valley and tourists love to visit this area to enjoy the delicious taste of its flagship Three Palms Vineyard bottling. Other than this, the Duckhorn winery also features Sauvignon Blancs and Palate Flattering Cabs. Although you may find its main portfolio little expensive, the area has a wide range of affordable wines too with Canvasback and Decay labels. The five latest releases are available with payment of $35 only.

Flora Springs

If you are moving on Highway 29 then never forget to have a joyful break at Flora Springs well-maintained multi-venue wine tasting room. Tourists are advised to do pre-bookings if they want to taste the premium collections; however, other lovely flavors are easily available at tasting rooms.


Other than this, there are unlimited choices including Grgich Hills Estate, HdV, Newton Vineyard, Orin Swift and much more. Once you book your holiday package tickets to Napa Valley, you will find a way to the most beautiful Napa Valley Wine and Wineries.