Have you ever stood in the wine section of a shop and not known which white wine to buy? If you have, you are not alone. So many people don’t know which white wines to buy, and even why they should buy them. Many of us feel embarrassed when asked to order wine in a restaurant because we don’t have a clue which white wines to pair with food.



In this quick and easy guide, we are going to help you with the names of some of the best white wines to buy and give you a few scenarios where the wine would be appropriate.


White Wines to use for Cooking


The following three white wines are some of the best to use in your cooking. They are perfect for bringing that balance and acidity to your recipes. Think of that savory chicken Marsala that we all love, or how about that lobster bisque. The mere thought…


Tip: When shopping for the best white wine to cook with, look for a dry and crisp white wine such as a:


•                Pinot Grigio


•                Sauvignon Blanc


•                Un-oaked Chardonnay


These are the three names you should keep an eye out for. Ensure that the alcohol content is also between 10 – 13%. You want a wine that has a moderate to high acidity level.


Pinots tend to be neutral and allow you the versatility to work in your magic while cooking.


The Sauvignon Blanc defines your food thanks to its acidity and works best when paired with seafood or when using heavy cream in sauces.


The Chardonnay brings it all together as it is the richest of the three.


White Wines Paired With Food at a Restaurant


Do you feel intimidated when you are asked to order the wines accompanying a meal at a restaurant? If you are, here is a little help in the white wines department.     




Many people tend to get tongue-tied because of the names of these white wines. Fortunately, Moscato is pronounced as it’s written so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty saying its name.


Food pairing: if you are looking for a wine to drink sans food, then this is the wine for you. It’s best appreciated without any food.


Taste: Moscato’s are famous for their sweetness and their fruitful flavors.




This is without doubt one of those tongue-tying white wine names. Pronounced as gah-vurtz-tra-meener, this delicate aromatic wine is a real gem.


Food pairing: Gewurztraminer's are ideal for meals that consist mostly of Asian food and pork-based meals.


Taste: this type of white wine is known for being very aromatic and has a fruity taste to it. It’s not the most favorite of white wines if you are after a wine that is more refreshing.




Food pairing: Semillon’s are the perfect white wines for pasta salads and seafood such as clams or mussels.


Taste: Semillon’s can be a tad bit bitter, as they have a fig-like taste. It’s not uncommon to mix Semillon’s with a little Sauvignon Blanc to reduce the berry flavoring.




Hopefully, this simple list has given you a quick 101 on which white wines to use for which occasions and know ahead of time how they will taste.