Moscato is a popular white wine from Italy’s Northwest region of Piedmont. It is famous for its sweet flavors of nectarine, peach, Meyer Lemon, apricot and orange blossom that gives your taste buds a pleasant experience. Moscato was historically known as a dessert wine that was made from Muscat grape.



Today Moscato is creating a surge in wine fans around the world and is made in many wine regions outside of Italy, with Australia and US taking a particular interest in drawing attention towards the sweeter side of Moscato to enthusiasts living near and far.


Moscato’s flavor profile


Moscato is popular for its perfume like fragrance, semi sparkling, spritzy character. It has a light body, lower alcohol content and an exquisite fruity flavor with a welcoming sweet taste. Other aromas of Moscato wine include; Honeysuckle, Vanilla Bean, Rose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Caramel. Moscato wine is straw yellow in color with occasional tinges of gold. On the palate, you can experience an extraordinary lineup of fresh, forward fruit with sugar levels ranging from semi-sweet to sweet, wrapped in medium acidity.


From pear and apple, to orange and lime with consistent appearances in the ripe, juicy peach and apricot category, Moscato's flavors are extraordinarily fruit-filled.  


Moscato and food combo!


While Moscato is perfect for sipping alone, it also does very well, when it’s paired with some spicy food. The sweetness of the wine and the spiciness of a dish goes exceptionally well together.



Moscato needs to be served well chilled and is downright delightful with fresh berries, summer salads, apple desserts, meringue pies, hazelnut desserts peach cobbler and lemon-poppy breads and cakes.


Top five Moscato wines


Bartenura Moscato


Bartenura Moscato is a very light, sweet wine with only 5% alcohol.


It is pale lemon in color, having moderate aromas of peaches, honey, floral and table grapes; off-dry and light bodied with flavors of ripe grapes, peaches and tropical notes.


It pairs best with fruits, desserts, and cheeses.


 Flip Flop Moscato


Flip Flop Moscato tastes like Crisp, bright and full-bodied, with floral aromas, semi-sweet notes and a soft, lingering finish. It pairs well with dishes made with Asian flavors, like vegetable curry and Pad Thai, or fruity desserts and pastries.


Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato


Jacob’s Creek’s Sparkling Moscato delivers a deliciously refreshing and lightly sparkling wine that has lovely, light grapey characters along with summer fruits. Easily enjoyed on warm evenings.


Smoked salmon, fresh burrata, and crusty baguettes are just a few things you can pair effortlessly with this sublime sparkling Australian wine. 


Barefoot Moscato


Barefoot Moscato is a delightfully sweet wine with lush fruity aromas. Hints of citrus skip across juicy peach and ripe apricots. A bright, crisp finish dances in at the end. This white wine is sweet and a true crowd pleaser!


Barefoot Moscato wine is truly versatile, paring well with spicy Asian cuisine and light desserts. It’s good at keeping things fresh with some fruit or mild cheese too


Middle Sister Moscato


Middle Sister Moscato has forward fruit and floral aromas of lychee, lemon zest, tangerine, pear and peach. It has a rich impression entering the mouth with prominent floral notes, Soft mid-palate; good acidity on the finish.


Pairs well with salads, seafood, poultry, fruit, cheese plate and spicy dishes.