At the Lyme Bay Winery, the focus is on the production of country wines, English wines, meads, ciders and liqueurs. Here you will get top quality wine made in a winery with best in class production techniques, made based on traditional authentic wine recipes. And there are some highly talented experts working hard on giving you the best wine. The winery also functions as a distributor for some of the best local products from local breweries.


Location Description:

The Lyme Bay Winery is located in Shute, Axminster, Devon.



Top products from Lyme Bay Winery:

  • The fruit wine, sparkling wines, and other country wine collection at Lyme Bay are a few of the best in class. They are known for their authentic flavor.
  • Meads have historically been a drink preferred in grand celebrations as well as for their health benefits.  The meads from Lyme Bay Winery have been acclaimed widely and are known for their distinct honey infused floral pungent qualities.
  • From handpicked fruits, staying true to the traditional cider making process of Westcountry, the ciders from the winery are known for their unparalleled quality.
  • The wide range of English Wine made and sold by the Lyme Bay Winery is no doubt one of the most recommended products by its regular customers. Both the sparkling and the still wine collection are the best range of English wine one could get. From vineyards planted in regions enjoying a great weather, the exceptional quality grapes are the reason behind the great English wines made by the winery.
  • The liqueurs from Lyme Bay Winery are an absolute delight for those who want it sweeter. 

The collection of gift boxes from the winery, in different assortments of some great wines and ciders, would make a great gifting option. They can also be ordered online to be sent as a gift with a personalized message to the recipient.


The exclusive products made in West Country like the Somerset Cider, Dorset Ginger and more are few other specialties in Lyme Bay Winery.


Christmas special collection from the winery is also famous among the customers. The Christmas mead, Mulled Cider and Mulled wine are often bought as part of Christmas gift hampers.


Additional information:

The products of Lyme Bay Winery are all available for purchase online from the website as well. They deliver to most areas within the UK mainland. Orders above £75.00 qualify for free delivery and those of lower order value carry a shipping charge of £6.95.


The site also offers a 5% additional discount for all orders over £150.00.


General customer feedback about the winery:

  • Most customers of the Lyme Bay Winery recommend the English wines from the winery as a must try.
  • The wine tasting facility offered is also good. The friendly staff helps in selecting the right wine.
  • Though few might feel that the range of products from Lyme Bay Winery are a bit on the expensive side, most feel that the quality of the products is totally worth the price.
  • The only thing most people find lacking is a factory tour.