Whether it is the fruit season or the harvest festival, you will never be short of wine and wine tastings in North Carolina.


Winery Tours in North Carolina


North Carolina is the first grape state of the US. Going to the originating place of a wine has a special checkbox in every traveler’s things to do log book. Since then, a number of wines have been produced in this region with from a vast number of wineries.


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Enjoy your drink in the wineries at Baltimore or a setting of mountain slopes that is breath taking. NC even has wedding places where you can marry amidst the best wine in the country. With more than 400 vineyards and 150 wineries here, you can map your way through our wine trails and enjoy every stop. Some of the tours to be taken are:


Yadkin Valley Winery Tour

In the valley of Yadkin there are a cluster of wineries just 5 miles apart from each other. They are easily scalable with a backpack behind you. You can also explore the scenic roads connecting some other vineyards like Laurel Gray, Shadow Springs, Windsor Run, Dobbins Creek and Raffaldini Vineyards.


Shelton Vineyards

Shelton vineyards are the largest family owned winery in North Carolina. Things to look out for in the Shelton region are various winery tours, a concert in the summer and a harvest grill which makes it to the cover of major wine magazines.


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Apple Country Wine Tour

This tour includes two beautiful wineries in Hendersonville and Bold Rock Cider. The all famous lunch in Hendersonville is not something to be missed along with wine tastings that range from adventure to sophistication.   


Vino Al Fresco Tour

The Horse Country awaits you with breathtaking boutique wineries. The taste of wine in all three boutiques is totally different and unique from each other. The tasting setups are also different, designed to complement the kind of wine being served.  Medal winning wines are poured at each location and often the winemakers will be available to talk to you about their wines.    

The Wine & Dine Tour

There is no point of visiting a winery in North Carolina which doesn’t offer food which goes hand in hand with the kind of wine being served. Many wineries serve French food to cater for the place where the best and oldest wines come from. Two vineyards famous for their food include Addison Farms Winery and Fontaine Vineyards. It is not only the food but the view that awaits you at these wineries which make it worth visiting.


Winery Tours in North Carolina - Bachelor Party


Bachelor Party Tours

Apart from all the different places you can visit, North Carolina wineries are famous for hosting the best bachelor bashes ever. All boys or all girls guided tour with a festival filled evenings await you before you final go to the life long prison of marriage. Do not miss this!


Symphony Park

Symphony Park hosts great grapes in the summers, which is an event not to be missed if you are a wine enthusiast. This festival features more than 220 wines and more than 20 wineries.