We all love to visit wineries as it is like the most entertaining pastime for all of us. If you are living in Washington State then you may definitely find lots of well maintained wineries to visit and definitely the flavour of wines use to be ultimate. There are unlimited vineyards in scenic mountain area; you can even find more than 140 wineries at Walla-Walla! The owners of this vineyards use to maintain them in such a way that they appear some of the most wonderful attractions for festival celebrations. The article below will provide you details about few most popular wineries of Walla Walla that you must visit during your next trip to Washington.

1.     Garrison Creek Cellars:

This winery is located at one of the most beautiful and historical building that was modelled after one well known Barn in Oregon. This vineyard use to serve about thousands varieties of wines every year that visitor’s can enjoy along with stunning natural beauty of this area. I suggest, if you plan to visit Washington then never miss this site at Walla Walla.



2.     Foundry Vineyards:

Here you will find the perfect blending of wine and art with each product. Foundary Vineyard use to provide most magnificent and rare samples of wines that are popular worldwide. The vineyard managers use to host art shows time to time that are free for public. Visitors often use to appreciate the adventurous and stunning art work of wine creators in those exhibitions.


3.     L’Ecole No. 41:

It is a family owned - second generation institution where you will find some of the rarest wine collections of Walla Walla. This vineyard is situated at a historic schoolhouse and is known as third oldest winery of Walla Walla. It is producer of the best wines of this state and is being enrolled in the list of top 100 wineries from last 14 years continuously.


4.     Spring Valley Vineyards:

When people plan a visit to Walla Walla then they fix a special visit to Spring Valley wineyards because it is one of the most loved iconic landmark of this state. This wine yard covers the total area of about 111 acres in Scenic Terrain and the Blue Mountains surround this location forming an outstanding visiting spot. People love to celebrate their special holiday events like Valentine’s Day here with a lovely dinner and delicious taste of wine.


5.     Three Rivers Winery:

If you want to taste the samples of award winning wine collections then this winery is perfect place for you. The most popular wines at this place are created with finest variety of grapes and most of people love to host their entertaining concerts at this location with mouth watering dinner arrangements.