There are quite a few excellent wineries and breweries in the Leesburg, Virginia area. It is a place noted for its remarkable beauty and excellent climate conditions for vineyards that produce some of the best tasting wine on the east coast. With so many wineries to choose from, it is difficult to narrow the list to just five.


Having said, that, what follows are the five favorite Leesburg wines that combine excellent taste with a full body for a wonderful experience.


Barns of Hamilton Station


Located about 10 minutes from the outskirts of Leesburg, this winery has been awarded with several Governor’s Cups which they have won thanks to the unique blend of their wines. The wines themselves perhaps best represent this remarkable area around Leesburg which is perfect for vineyards. Plus, visiting the location offers a unique experience where visitors can learn more about wine blending and participate in the arts thanks to the numerous painting classes.


Bluemont Vineyards


This vineyard produces about 6,000 cases of wine each year and they have become prize possessions for those who purchase them. The wine itself is simply wonderful, featuring the bold taste that is common to vineyards in the Leesburg area. Plus, visiting the vineyard is an experience is something to be considered thanks to the excellent tasting rooms and servings of unique, local food delicacies that makes this a must-stop for wine lovers.


Breaux Vineyards


Here, you get a little taste of Cajun country when you order wine produced in this vineyard. Breaux Vineyards is located near Purcellvile and offers a unique wine-tasting experience that makes it stand out from many other vineyards in the greater Leesburg area. The vineyard itself offers several excellent wines that are produced with the help of modern-day machinery and state-of-the-art equipment. There is also an annual Cajun Festival which is part of the many activities that happen at the vineyards every year.


Quattro Goomba


This taste of Italy in the hills of Virginia offers a new taste to the standard wines from Leesburg. This hint of Italy is thanks to the grapes that were imported into the region and for those who visit the location, you can participate in the wine-making process. It also helps that it features excellent Italian pizza that has made it a favorite stop on the many wine tours that go through the area.


Stone Tower Winery


You can find a wonderful selection of white and red varietals from this remarkable winery. In addition to the sumptuous taste that it typical of wines from this region, there is also the location of the Stone Tower Winery itself amid the rolling hills that surround Hogback Mountain. If you are in the area, you can visit this remarkable location where you can enjoy tasting the various wines and having a picnic on the open grounds.


Our favorite wines in the Leesburg area all have one thing in common, they reflect the wonderful variety, unique taste, and bold spirit that makes them some of the best you can find on the east coast.


By: August Dorfman