Living in Georgia, it’s easy to start believing that the only two major products of the state ae peaches and peanuts. A little bit of exploring will reveal that there is a lot more going on, particularly in North Georgia, where there are vineyards popping up beside peanut farms and peach orchards. The wine industry is starting to take off in this part of the south, and there are several wineries that are out there just waiting to be discovered. Listed below are just a few North Georgia wineries that you can get to on a day trip from Atlanta.



Chateau ElanQuite possibly the best known of the wineries in the region, simply because the famous old building is also home to several other tourist attractions. It’s possible to spend a few nights here, play a round or two of golf, have a Guinness at the Irish pub, and then also sample the delicious wines that are made here. Located in Braselton, this winery is a very short haul from the ATL.



Fox Vineyards and WineryAbout as close to the city of Atlanta as you can get, making this winery an excellent day tip if you are visiting the city. Fox Winery make a selection of different red and white varieties, but may well be best known for their fruit wines, with Bonny Blueberry and Strawberry Shortcake just a couple of the selections that they have on offer.



Wolf Mountain VineyardsA little trip into the North Georgia Mountains will take you to the Wolf Mountain Vineyards, which has to be one of the more scenic wineries that you will visit in this part of the world. As well as being able to sample their wines, you can also enjoy some wonderful culinary treats in the restaurant. Check ahead before planning a visit, as the restaurant is closed in the winter months.



Frogtown Cellars If you are planning on visiting the Wolf Mountain Vineyards in Dahlonega, you may also have time to squeeze in this delightful little winery. This one is still fairly new to the scene, opening its doors in 1998, but they are part of the North Georgia win movement that is helping get this region on the radar of wine lovers across the country. Frogtown Cellars also operates a lovely little bistro café where you can get a bite to eat after you sample the wines.



Cavender Creek VineyardsA great place to visit, and also a fun place to stay, as you can book a spot in the Cabin-In-The-Vines, which is located on the grounds, right on top of the vineyards. Since there are several wineries all within a short distance of this spot, it certainly is a good place to establish your North Georgia wine tour base camp. Cavender Creek also makes delicious wines that can be sampled in their tasting room.


This is just a small sample of what’s going on in North Georgia win country. You may well be surprised at just how quickly this region is growing, but you won’t be for long.