Just north of the village of Marlboro, NY is a scenic winery known as “Kedem Winery.” Conveniently situated winery is located at 1519 Route 9W in the iconic Town of Marlborough. The winery features a newly remodeled wine tasting room where a wide variety of premium wines crafted from exotic New York grapes are displayed.


The Kedem Winery also offers a generous assortment of natural grape juice and top quality wines to taste from Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Chile, Israel, Italy, France, Australia, California and New York State.


In the mid-1800s, Emperor Franz Josef I had the Herzog family as the main supplier of wine. But during the Second World War, Eugene Herzog fled Germany with the family to the United States when the Nazis seized the Herzog winery. Nevertheless, they didn’t forget to escape with their wine formulas.


In 1948, a winemaking family (the Herzog) left Europe to establish Kedem Winery in the scenic Hudson Valley. Kedem Estates wines are popularly known to be truly enchanting including a Cabernet Sauvignon. A full line of opulent wines which bear the brand’s label was developed by the Herzog family through hard work and professionalism, most of which are crafted from fine rich New York State grapes.


The name “Kedem” is Yiddish which means “renew our days as in times past” or simply “forward.” This word was only added in 1958 when the Royal Wine Company was newly purchased by Eugene and his son Ernest. Michael, Ernest’s son took over the winery as a manager and winemaker after the death of his father in 1989.


In varieties ranging from sweet to dry, over 25 kosher wines are produced at the winery today. These wines are made from Native American and local hybrid grapes which are grown and produced on their two visiting sites, Marlborough-on-Hudson.


Every Friday and Sunday, the facility is always open to visitors except on Saturdays. This is where visitors get the chance to enjoy the opulence of these wines in a tasting room. Ranging from New York favorites like Traminette, Vidal, and Chambourcin to popular traditional viniferous varieties like Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Kedem Winery extensively upgraded its sacramental wines its initial produced from the abundance supply of concord grapes in the area. Obviously, some of the finest New York State wines are produced here.


Let your palate experience the premium quality of rich wine at the Kedem Winery. A tradition that has been passed down from 8 generations of skillful winemakers. Just overlooking their vineyard is a beautifully remodeled wine tasting room where you can have a memorable tasting experience. Additionally, the some of the grounds at Kedem Winery offer perfect locations to hold events of any size.