Wine can be so much more enjoyable when you learn to appreciate the flavors and the difference in blends and textures. The same will go for the chocolate that you taste. There are dark chocolates which you can actually taste the cocoa. There are chocolate truffles which melt in your mouth and you can appreciate the hazelnuts. When this is combined with certain wines, you gain a whole new experience.



However, it is a learning experience as well. It can be different to pairing up certain foods. You will probably know which wines to combine with a certain type of stew or a steak. With chocolate, one will assume that it is a sweet wine that you need to have. In saying that, if the chocolate is too sweet, it will not balance the wine you are tasting. This is why it is important to experiment with a couple of different chocolates along with the wine that you have. A wine that is not balanced will become bitter to the taste buds.


Wine connoisseurs will know that good quality products matters. The same will go for chocolate. When you are pairing up these items, you need to understand that you need good quality chocolate in order to get the most out of the experience. Dark chocolate should contain at least 80% cocoa. White chocolate should be of a high standard. You need to turn the right types of wine according to the chocolate you select. For example, when choosing dark chocolate, you will essential need a red wine.



Once you are fully confident with the pairing up of different types of chocolate, you will be able to move on to various types of desserts. The same applies to the wines that you combine according to what chocolate is used in the dessert. For example, a dark chocolate mousse will be combined with red wine. However, you also have to find the right blend with the most suitable flavors. A mousse is generally smooth. You will, therefore have to look for a smooth wine as well.


You may also want to experiment with a range of different desserts. This is something fun to do at the end of a light meal. Small desserts can be made. You need to work your way up from something light to the more heavier chocolate and wine combinations. You don’t necessarily have to come up with a fully cooked or baked dessert. There are also many liquors that can be interesting to sip on. For example, you may want to try a Dom Pedro. This can be infused with sherry and chocolate. White chocolate goes very well with sherry. Milk chocolate can go well with a Chianti.



You will find that this takes some practice in order to find various combinations that suit the palette. It takes patience, but at the same time it is rewarding experience.