Although you may not know it, there is probably a winery, vineyard, or wine tasting location near where you live. Wine is produced in most states and each location has its own unique flavor. Finding the best wineries means knowing where and what to look before setting out on your adventure. 

Basic Search

You can start with a basic search of the wineries in your region of the country simply by entering the term wineries and the nearest large city to your location into This will provide you with a basic list of the wineries that are within easy driving distance. However, not all wineries are alike, so you will have to narrow your search from the list available.

Local Tourism Web Hubs

Your city will have at least one website, like, that lists all the great locations in the area, from restaurants, clubs, sights to see, and wineries. The best wineries usually make their presence felt on local hub sites in part because they want to advertise their presence, but the websites like including them because many have gained some type of popular recognition that boosts the site as well.

In addition, look for events that may host wine tasting from local wineries. They are often found on the itinerary of larger events, so be sure to look for them at larger gatherings that are posted on the site. Now you can either expand or narrow down your list to the wineries based on what is provided on these local hub sites designed to promote tourism in your region. You should now move on to visit the web pages of the wineries. 


If a winery has won an award of some type, it’s going to be on their web page. Depending on the type of award, it does signal excellence which is something that you may want to experience for yourself. Celebrated winemakers are another indication of high quality, meaning that someone who earned a reputation elsewhere is bringing their expertise to another winery. 

Wine Tasting Events

By this point, you should have narrowed your list to those you want to make a short, single-day adventure. Those that host regular wine tasting should have their regular hours posted or how you can make reservations. You’ll want to go off-season to avoid the crowds depending on how popular the wineries are in your region of the country. However, if reservations are required, then you can make them at a time of your convenience. 

If you have a large group, you may want to rent a car, van, or bus with a driver so that everyone can meet at your location and leave together. You may find that limousine companies provide tour packages that include the local wineries in your location. 

A little research on can reveal the best local wineries that are within easy distance of your location. This means that you can enjoy your own wine tasting adventure and be back to the comforts of your home within a few hours.