The big city of Houston, Texas is known for many different things, but winery tours may not be one of them. However, Texas wine is becoming quite popular thanks to the warm weather and rich soil that is found around the greater Houston community.


Houston Wine Tours


There are several winery tours that are available in the area, but only a few that truly deserve to be experienced.


When to Go


The best time of the year is during the off-season which includes the winter months from November to February. The climate in southeastern Texas is cool, but normally only requires a jacket when being outside. April and October are the best seasonal months, but expect more people to be on the wine tour at that time.


Bluebonnet Wine Trail

Houston Wine Tours


Located to the northwest of Houston, Montgomery, Texas offers several custom wineries that create high quality wines that have become the toast of southeast Texas. You can start at “Cork This!”, a winery that offers a nice tasting room or you can sip from several different selections on the patio if the weather is agreeable. From there, travel to Plantersville and visit the Bernhardt Winery that is relatively small, but offers a wonderful view from their tasting room as you enjoy their fine selection.


You can finish the tour at the Peach Creek vineyards that are near College Station, the home of the University of Texas A & M, and the Messina Hot Winery and Resort which offers a large 100-acre estate with plenty of samples from the famed Messina Hof’s selection.


Short Wine Tours

Houston Wine Tours Blue Bonnet

If you only have a few hours to spend, the Houston Historic Tours offers several excellent visits to different wineries in the area. The trips start in the downtown area and branch out to the wineries that are a relatively short distance away.


Haak Winery: Located in Santa Fe, Texas, this is the shortest tour and will take less than four hours. There are five wines you can savor and there are tours scheduled every day.


Brenham: Located about two hours to the west of Houston, the town of Brenham offers two excellent wineries, Pleasant Hill and Windy. There are nine wines to taste in total and it makes the perfect single-day wine tour amid the lovely countryside of southeast Texas.


Blue Bell Creameries: The longest wine tour is 11 hours and includes the trip to Brenham and Messina Hof Winery & Resort along with a visit to the Blue Bell Creameries. You’ll sample 13 wines, receive a couple of souvenir glasses and enjoy yourself immensely for this all-day adventure that is held every Saturday.


Texas offers several excellent wineries that make for the perfect way to spend the afternoon, a full-day or a two-day wine tasting adventure. You can take a guided tour or map out your own trip to visit some of the best wineries in southeast Texas. Keep in mind that Houston traffic can be quite formidable if you choose a weekday, so plan carefully if you are staying in the Houston area.