When looking for a great getaway for some pure unadulterated fun, look no further than California’s wine country.  You don’t necessarily need to be a big wine connoisseur in order to enjoy the pleasures of Napa and Sonoma valleys.  There are a lot of great choices on how you want to experience your vacation, you can live the lap of luxury through all-inclusive travel packages or instead go the back-packer route and stay at one of the many B’n’B hostels.


The Destination

If you’re headed to the Napa Valley, you will find more than 300 winery spots to experience smells, flavors, sights, and plenty of rich history.  Each offers their own in-house tours, accommodations, and of course taster’s packages at various prices for your budget.


Recommended Hotels in Napa Valley:



Our first pick has to go with Calistoga Range, where you’ll find only the best amenities and luxury service at your beck and call.  How luxurious, you may ask?  What about having your own keys to a Mercedes Benz to ride around to and from the various vineyards.  A private lake and wine cave also await you and perhaps a special someone.  At the end of a long day of wine tasting, you can retire to the hotel’s spa for pampering and massages.  Don’t lift a finger, just let your senses take over.



Next up is Bardessono, a LEED Platinum Certified hotel, which means they take the cake when it comes to caring about the environment.  Guests stay comfortable in their rooms thanks to the use of green-powered central heating and cooling systems, via the use of geothermal and solar panel energy.  They don’t skimp on the amenities, either, offering everything you would expect from a 5-star hotel.



We can’t leave out the notorious Meadowood Napa Valley resort for the sheer artistic value alone, let alone the lap of luxury that they provide to their guests.  You get the old-fashion, elegant cottage-style architecture and landscape, making you feel as if Meadowood is your own private vacation home.  Rooms have raised ceilings, comfortable décor and furniture, and personal fireplaces.  Don’t expect to save any money staying at this resort, but do expect to live that authentic Napa Valley life of royalty while you’re there.  It helps that it sits within a few minutes from two major vineyards as well.


The Right Pairing

If you’re unsure on which hotel in Napa Valley is right for your vineyard vacation planning, you should look to the various tour agencies that excel at combining guided tours with nearby hotels and transportation to make sure you are never lost in a part of town you’re unfamiliar with or confused by scheduling by the vineyards.  You can also save some money, too, with packaged deals that are made so that it’s easier for tourists to access their vineyards.


You could, of course, do everything on your own and book all of your travel options online.  There’s obviously a lot more planning involved here, but you can find some extremely affordable hostels and bread and breakfast accommodations that aren’t too shabby.  Napa Valley comes at no shortage of pairings and experiences.


Alyssa Schafer