5 French Red Wine Names


If you are a wine lover, which country will immediately strike to you when you think about wine? France isn’t it? No doubt there are many renowned wine countries in the world like Italy, Spain, Australia, Germany, Chile, United States and Argentina, but France is the country that people think of when it is about quality and diversity.


If you like to sip the red wine with your lunch or dinner or maybe while just relaxing or celebrating, you will definitely know that the French red wine is the most popular and the highest quality wine in the world. French red wine is famous all over the globe not only because of its incredible taste but also because of the rich and captivating history that is passed down to every generation.


 5 French Red Wine Names

Here are the best French red wine names that you should definitely give a try before you die:

Cabernet Sauvignon


When people think about red wine, the immediate name comes to mind is cabernet sauvignon. It is one of the best red wines having the amazing fruit flavors and delectable savory tastes from black pepper to bell pepper. It is fruity, full-bodied, elegant and has a touch of spiciness in it.


Cabernet sauvignon has the more tannin content so it will be best to pair it with fatty foods like red meat, lamb or ribs.




Syrah Wine


One of the world’s darkest full-bodied French red wines has the myriad dark fruit flavors and savory flavors like black olives, pepper, clove and more.


Sipping Syrah will greet you with the punch of unique flavors and surprise you with its spicy and peppery aftertaste. They are best paired with bold foods like steak, beef, cheeseburgers and barbecue.


Merlot Wine


If you are a new red wine drinker, Merlot is the best red wine to try because the softness and less tannins in the wine make it easy and smooth to drink. It has the fruity as well as herbal flavors.


The best thing is that it can be paired with numerous food varieties. Chicken and light meats with Merlot are the greatest combination you should try.



Grenache Wine


The spicy and candid berry flavors of Grenache Wine can be recognized even by a blind wine drinker.  This French red wine has a lighter color, soft tannins, and high alcohol content. 


Some of the best food pairing with Grenache is roasted meats, stews, macaroni and cheese, and spicy Indian dishes that you should definitely give it a try.


Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir, the highly prized French red wine is much lighter in color and has the very subtle flavors than other red wines. This wine has a capricious taste and has the wide range of flavors and aromas like roses, fruits, berry, and currants.  It has low tannins and the flavor of this red wine depends on where it is grown and how it is treated by the winemaker.


 The glass of Pinot Noir goes great with food like grilled salmon, chicken, lamb, sushi rolls and with other richer meats.