14 Best, Cheap Wine Brands 

If you know the difference between good wine and cheap wine, you're going to have your mind blown by these inexpensive brands.

George's 290 Wine Tours

George has had 15 years experience in the wine industry and with the relationships in Texas Hill Country. He has spent a lifetime in Fredericksburg and knows about all the wines the area. He is able to provide a professional and in dept wine tour that is engaging and engaging.


Within the tour, a cruise 290 wine trail provides comfort and luxury in a stretch limousine. During the tour, you will be provided with lunch and will have a beautiful view of the Hill Country vineyard. You will be taken care of to the fullest and provided with the best experience possible. The tour will be a knowledgeable guide to you that is informative and interesting. George will ensure that your visit to his winery is the best experience you have had.


Grape Creek Vineyards

Grape Creek is an award winning winery with over 150 medals received in just the last two years. The tours are based on a stunning 100 acre estate and also a stylish Tuscan Villa tasting room that has a romantic environment to it. There is a wine club that allows you to experience the Grape Creek and all its features. Grape Creek is open every day, so you can visit us whenever is convenient for you.



During the tour, refreshments will be provided including: stone baked pizza, pasta, fresh salads, grilled Panini’s and cheese boards. All with a unique Italian style that is tasty and refreshing. The tasting bars are available in 3 locations around the Grape Creek, there is also a tour and taste, which is only in the Vineyard location, furthermore a private tasting sessions is available only in the Vineyard location.


The private tastings sessions and taste and tour services are available to book in advance so you have a secure place, however you are free to walk in and have a place booked based on present availability.


Majesty Tours

Majesty Tours is the perfect place for an enjoyable wine tasting experience. Majesty Tours are consistent with providing their customers with the best experience and customer service possible. They want to make your experience personal and memorable, and improve your knowledge on the various wines.


A shuttle bus that carries 14 passengers will be ready for you to show you around the Texas Hill Country vineyards and the wine tasting rooms that are available. The wine tasting tours in Fredericksburg are very important to Majesty Tours and they believe that it is their passion.


Majesty Tours is passion about building relationships with their customers through the tasting sessions and to create the best wine touring experience possible for the person. The initial guide is professional and engaging and will start the tour with all of the key factors in wine tasting.


There are also outstanding shuttle services that can provide addition transport services for the evening dinners, events and any other occasions that require your attendance. Majesty Tours is passion in ensuring you have a good time with their wine tour and want to ensure you have a memorable experience with them.