According to many experienced travelers, Seneca Lake is one of the most interesting places in New York. On the western shore of glacial lake, you can find one of the finest wineries in New York – Fox Run Winery.


One of the first things you will notice here are the incredible views. Seneca Lake is beautiful throughout the year, but many people recommend visiting this area in spring or fall when the leaves on the vines and the mixture of red, orange and yellow shades make the entire scenery breathtaking.



The winery has nice, traditional architecture with many interesting decorations that will make your stay there more interesting and more authentic. There are group tours and exclusive VIP tours available for visitors. Of course, they are also offering individual tours. The regular tours cost $5 per person while children under the age of 15 can take the tour for free. Tours with tasting cost $8 per person. Group tours for more than 10 individuals require reservations. VIP tours cost $75 per person (plus tax). During VIP tours, visitors will learn more about the history of the winery and the production process while they are guided by the winemaker and owner of this winery. They will also get a chance for full wine tasting of the wines in the barrel room and tasting a few wines that are still not bottled.


Visitors can try wines from different grape varieties including Rieslings, white, rose, sparkling, blush, red and ports. There are more than 90 wines in Fox Run Winery’s offer and each of these wines has been tested and checked by experienced winemakers. The reason why Fox Run Winery is so popular is the fact that they are always investing in technology and training, so they can stay on the top. Their wines are sold all over the world and they are very popular in Europe, which is another proof about their quality.


History of Fox Run Winery

Fox Run is more than 100 years old and the primary purpose of this place was not related to winemaking. It started as a dairy farm. However, this region was known for the tasty grape varieties including French-American hybrids for many years. These grapes that were created to resist the cold weather are still used for winemaking. Of course, the management of Fox Run is focused on non-hybrid grapes that originate from Europe.


The history of Fox Run as a winery starts about 30 years ago, when the first grapes were cultivated and the structure that was used as a dairy barn was transformed into a winemaking facility in 1990. Six years later, they have managed to build a completely new facility specially designed for winemaking. On top of that, the structure was placed in a way that gives a perfect view to the deepest side of the Seneca Lake. The owner Scott Osborn, together with vineyard manager Jon Kaiser and experienced winemaker Peter Bell were able to establish one of the most famous wineries on the East Coast.


This family-owned winery is definitely worth visiting no matter if you are a beginner wine enthusiasts or an experienced enologist.       


By: Stephanie Cara