Vineyards and celebrity association go hand in hand since ages. There is nothing strange about the connection and the reason is simple. Wine making is trendy, fashionable and profitable. On the other hand, establishing a winery definitely needs substantial amount of hard cash and celebrities have loads of it. They also possess the charisma and selling power to sell the brand of wine they make. No wonder market research depicts an ever rising trend in sales of celebrity wines. Today more and more celebrities are joining the bandwagon of celebrity owned wine making businesses. Here is a list of athletes and celebrities who own wineries:



  • David and Victoria Beckham. The celebrity couple are proud owners of wineries though most of the produced wine is meant for their personal use.
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Own one of the most exotic winery (Chateau Miraval in Southern France) that caters to their personal use and taste.
  • Joe Montana. The legendary American football star proudly produces a popular brand of wine called Montagia in collaboration with one of the most prolific winemakers, Ed Sbragia.
  • Mike Ditka. Former American football coach owns the Mike Ditka Wines. However, he relies on the physical facilities of a professional company to develop his brand of wines.
  • Antonio Banderas owns Anta Banderas in collaboration with a local in Spain.
  • Francis Ford Coppola owns a winery in CA that produces a label called Director’s Cut and depict old film strips on its label.
  • Tom Seaver is the hall of fame basketball player who is a proud owner of a respected winery.
  • Wayne Gretzky is the famous hockey player with owning rights to a winery in Orlando.
  • NBA isn’t left behind with NBA star Yao Ming owning a winery on record.
  • Jeff Gordon, the renowned Nascar driver also owns a vintage winery in Italy.
  • Dan Aykroyd. The smart celebrity is more into winemaking than perhaps any other famous name. He owns four fully operational wineries and a brand of beer and recently launched brand of vodka.
  • Donald Trump. The sitting US president owns the largest vineyard in Virginia with whooping 1300 acres of area. The winery boasts over 100,000 gallons wine tanks, 750 barrel cave storage and 50,000 square foot of wine facility.
  • Mario Andretti owns Andretti winery in Napa Valley, CA. The star co-founded the winery with the ex CEO of Kmart in 1994.
  • Drew Barrymore owns Carmel Road winery in Italy in collaboration with a local partner from Italy and markets the wine brand with her signature.
  • Kevin Buckler owns Adobe road winery in Sonoma County, CA.
  • Gerard Depardieu owns wineries in over 8 countries around the world.