Do you know what the best red wine in the world is? Well you’d certainly be amazed to learn that you can try the best red wine in the world, all the while not going over your budget too. Yes, the red wine from Adsa’s La MonedaReservaMalbec coming in from the Central Valley in Chile has been crowned the best red wine in the world and it’s available for just £5. So yes, you can now enjoy the best red wine in the world and not over go your set limit for your booze bill too. Isn’t it just plain wonderful?



The Chilean Malbec happens to Adsa’s very own label red wine and was crowned the best in the world at the Decanter World Wine awarded in the category of single varietal red wine. This particular wine also won the best wine award for wines under £15 category. It certainly means that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to taste a quality wine. And of course you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for that too.


The Adsa red wine was blind tasted by a panel of 240 wine experts and was praised for the amazing flavor it delivered. The experts claimed that the wine has a fresh fruit, pepper spicy and cream vanilla yogurt flavor and was ranked the best by all the experts on the blind tasting panel.  And that’s not it. The experts claimed that this particular red wine would serve as an excellent treat of freshness when accompanied with any round of barbeque.



However those who need to try this amazing red wine should definitely hurry up this instant. The demand is increasing with every passing minute for this £5 red wine. The Adsa red wine has won a total of 37 awards and that’s one of the reason it’s simply flying off shelves in the wineries. The demand is so high that the website for online ordering of the Adsa wine recently crashed. The wine is now sold online but is available on grocery sites and in stores as well.


You would be surprised to know that this crowd pleaser wine actually beat 600 other Chilean wines to win the Platinum Best award after it went through a week of radical taste testing by a panel of judges. Overall wins were attributed to English wines with them winning 90% of the medals but this Chilean wine certainly beat all at all odds.



And the best thing? It’s available for just £5. Now who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this amazing wine and celebrate? Where else do you find a good red wine for so cheap? Perhaps airline serving good quality red wine would cut their ticket price now that good red wine has become so affordable.


Isn’t it great news? And if you are a red wine enthusiast, let’s celebrate by uncorking an AdsaMalbec right away!