Having a do it yourself wine cork craft is one of the simplest and easiest projects. It is amazing seeing the art that wine corks are carved into. There are many ways of making your wine corks into beautiful crafts. Wine corks contain elastic and can stand fire. They are all-purpose in nature and adjustable into what you want. Some are used for decorating the house, some for the kids, and many other uses.


Making Candles


This is one of the beautiful ways wine cork can be crafted into, a candle stand. Gather the wine corks and put them into a jar containing acetone alcohol for the duration of seven days. After that, the wine corks are brought out and ready to be used.


Making Handles For Cheese Knife


Get your wine corks, and make an opening on top of one of the sides the cork. The opening made should have the same measurement with the knife. After carving the opening, place the cheese knife and enjoy.


For Pendants


This is one of the most beautiful arts made from wine corks. Necklaces that are worn into chains and much more can also be gotten from wine corks. Cut the wine corks into your desired size, making sure the surface is flat and smooth. Proceed to paint of the wine corks into the color you want. Images can also be drawn on the surface of the wine corks. Afterward, twist in an eye screw. This should be placed on the top of the pendant which will hold the necklace.


For Making Jewelry Stand


Your jewelry does not need to be inside a jewelry box forever. Wine corks can be used to build a jewelry stand to accommodate all your jewelry. After collecting and gathering all the wine corks cut them into desired sizes. Then glue all the wine corks together with a cardboard after which you have chosen a pattern. Insert twist mug hooks; these are used to hold the earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.


For Making USB Flash Drive


Of course, the first step is getting the wine cork and a USB flash. Remove the plastic used to hold the flash drive. Make a hole in the wine cork making sure it doesn't extend to its bottom and sides. Insert the flash drive into the opened area of the wine cork making sure it fits in completely.


For Making Keychains


You do not need to fear to lose your keys as wine corks are also used in making keychains. The first thing to do is to twist in the eye screw into the wine cork. Insert the keychain ring into the eye screw, and this is all for making a simple wine cork keychain. Beads and other materials can also be used to add more beauty and color to the keychains.


It might seem not unusual and absurd using wine corks for crafts which can be used for decoration and many other things. However, using wine corks is less expensive in DIY projects. 


By: Annie Wesley