Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Cinnabar Winery has established itself as one of the premier wineries in the region.

Cinnabar is a family owned, boutique winery that emphasizes a new, more scientific approach to the creation of wine. The winery itself is partnered with local vineyards that pull from the grapes a unique, bold flavor that has made the reputation of Cinnabar grow on a daily basis.




The winery was established in 1981 by Tom Mudd. A scientist by day, Tom’s love of the winemaking process led his to focus his efforts on creating new flavors that led to the establishment of Cinnabar. Starting in his backyard, Tom expanded his efforts in 1981 when he purchased 22 acres and constructed a winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Tom’s children, Jack and Karina, participated in the harvesting process and soon Cinnabar Winery had established itself as one of the best in the region. Tom passed away in 2007 and the estate was sold. However, Jack and Karina continue the Cinnabar tradition in Saratoga with a tasting room that features a wine bar and live music during the weekends. The family-owned business continues to thrive under their care which is why Cinnabar grows in popularity.


Why Cinnabar is So Popular?


What makes Cinnabar Winery unique is the focus on creating the perfect wine through the combination of soil, rain, and types of grapes that are mixed together and processed in a way that brings out the full flavor of the wine itself. It is the diversity of the grapes used which come from places that include the Santa Cruz Mountains as well as the Santa Lucia Highlands, Red Hills of the Lake Country, Paso Robles, and more.


Because the fruit provided comes from different areas, it is blended together to make a rich, unmistakable taste that is enjoyed around the world. The blending of the fruits thanks to the process developed by Tom Mudd still brings out the rich flavors that have captivated those who love the wine produced by Cinnabar Winery.


Today, Cellar Master Alejandro Aldama and winemaker George Troquato continue the tradition of the Cinnabar Winery thanks to their quarter-century of being with the winery. Their dedication has helped perfect the taste and texture of the wine produced which is stored in small oak barrels or tanks made of stainless steel. Using their expertise combined with patience and a willingness to be daring at times, both Aldama and Troquato manage to create some of the best wine in the region that is elegant, flavorful, and daring.


Tasting Room

The celebrated Tasting Room located in downtown Saratoga offer the wine lover a place to relax in full view of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Tasting Room is open seven days each week and features wine tastings throughout each day. Here, you can sample the latest flavors and get better acquainted with the wine that has helped make the Cinnabar Winery so famous. For many, it is an experience that they will remember for a long time thanks to the excellence of the wine itself.