Christmas Dinner is one of the biggest events of the year for many families. Planning and preparing food for the occasion can bring a little apprehension. Every individual from a child to an uncle has its own set of likes and dislikes and catering to the needs of everyone can be a bit stressful. Serving food or serving wine- both is equally frightening. When you host such a big event like a Christmas dinner, it becomes the host’s foremost responsibility to organize everything in a proper way as well as gratify the needs of their guests. Such a special occasion deserves special wine. CHAMPAGNE is essentially a necessity, yet the type of add-ons, as well as individual preferences and likings, need to be considered when it comes to making a choice as to what is to be served alongside with turkey or goose.



It is prescribed to keep Christmas dinner appetizers a bit light. The host does not want to get engaged only in cooking and serving when there is a Christmas party at home because they too want to enjoy the party. Pairing of food and wine should be impeccable. So here is a list of wines that should be served at a Christmas dinner along with the best suited snacks with it.



Not many people cook Goose at Christmas time, because they are not as bold or hasty as the people of Britain and Germany. Or may be some people are not reasonably satisfied with idea of taking up a poultry item that has got too much fat. Red Burgundy is the best wine to be served if there is Goose in the menu of Christmas dinner. Red wine has a taste of raspberries and cherries that complements well with the flavour of Goose. Red Burgundy can also go well if there is Porcini Risotto in the main course. Red Burgundy develops mushroom characteristics that will match the porcini.


If there are sprouts served at a Christmas party, then Pinot Noir is the best wine to be served. Most dishes have a unique thing of adding bacon to everything. If bacon is added then Chardonnay is best suited and without bacon, Pinot noir should be served to the guests. With salmon, a lighter red wine like the New Zealand Pinot Noir can also be served but only when the fish is not being accompanied by a buttery sauce. Full bodied Chardonnay can also be served with turkey. Their roundness and weight will match the smooth sauce and the bird’s weight.


There is one single time in a year when a recipe which involves two sticks of butter and eight ounces of cream cheese that is, cream mushed potatoes, and is being served. Merlot is the perfect wine that should be served along with this dish. This wine is not buttery at all. And it is not acidic in nature. Something acidic if combined with a buttery dish can be a little hazardous to the health. Also if there is nut roast in the menu, fruity red wine like Merlot can be served to balance the weight and flavour.


Cabernet sauvignon is the best wine if there is beef prepared or the Christmas Dinner party. Beef demands red wines to match its taste but the type of red wine depends on the cut. Low fat cuts like fillet need low tannins wines like Claret while a rib of beef demands a more tannic wine like the classy Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tawny Ports and rich Madeiras are delicious if served with Christmas puddings and mince pies. These wines can go well with the chocolate desserts too. Wines need to be extra sweet in taste to match the flavour of chocolate. Muscat de Beaumes is a white wine that can go well with the chocolate desserts.