When the Christmas holidays begin everyone stocks up on traditional foods to eat and of course share with their friends and family. Gingerbread houses, men and cookies are commonplace and when dining during the festive season a break from dunking in a hot beverage is something that just doesn’t feel festive. Instead many people opt for wine to enjoy with their desert but choosing one that goes well with your choice is not always easy.


If you are eating spiced gingerbread a great wine to compliment is a port and similar. There are numerous types of port from those that are well known to others less known but just as nice. Going for a younger port like ruby or a vintage port is a great way to compliment your gingerbread. The later bottled ports are a great combination thanks to them having less depth which means that they are ready to drink when you serve the gingerbread.



Sherry and Muscat have sweet distinct flavours which makes them work well with gingerbread including cookies. Ensure you look for a wine with oomph as the gingerbread will add spice to your wine choice making it a perfect combination.


Muscat has a dark fruity flavour which gives the balance you need but because it has been around for a long time there are a lot of people producing it so finding the right one is not always easy because of the variation. The best way to find your perfect Muscat is to do your research and find out what others have tried as well as trying a few out for yourself before Christmas to see which suits your pallet.


Sherry of course is used in and enjoyed with many sweet meals and deserts. Its honey notes and slight salt finish is great when paired with all cookies and especially gingerbread because of how it blends.



Sauternes is a type of wine that is sweeter than the majority and is made in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is well known for the wines produced and the sweetness of the Sauternes makes it a great complimentary drink to have with gingerbread and other deserts.


Ice wine comes from Ontario Canada and is made from using grapes that have been frozen during winter. While frozen they dehydrate and are picked only when they reach around 50 degrees for the perfect desert wine. Once picked in the nights of winter the grapes are then pressed which leaves only a little juice. This gives a higher amount of sweetness than most wines and the fact it is low in alcohol makes it a perfect complement to gingerbread if you don’t want to feel too tipsy while the evening is just starting.


The taste is tropical giving consumers a taste of pineapple and papaya. It’s well balanced and will compliment any desert so whether you just have gingerbread or other deserts on offer it’s a great wine to use to ensure you have a perfect accompaniment to your sweet dish.