Summer is the opportune time to unwind with Sangria, which is traditional Spanish alcoholic beverage. Sangria being a wine based punch traditionally contains wine either red or white, seasonal chopped fruit with orange juice or brandy as the other ingredients with a splash of soda. Sangria has grown to become a very popular drink world over.  Today it is the world’s most popular wine cocktail but every restaurant has its own Sangria recipe depending on the taste of the people. Since wine is main ingredient one should be very particular in choosing the wine.



Mainly, while choosing wines for Sangria few points have to be kept in mind. You can choose a wine, which is fruity but also contains less of Tannin. A wine with more of Tannin should be completely avoided. Also, a wine that has a heavily oaked flavor should not be used.


These days there is a lot of variety is available in red and white wines. In the red wine category the most popular wine is from Bodegas Borsao Tres Picos and the grape used in this wine is Gernache or Garnacha which is grown in Spain. It is a red wine grape, which has thinner skin which makes it lighter in shade which in turn lowers its level of tannin and has great acidity making it perfect for blending.  Second in the category of red wine is Palacios Remondo from La Vendimia the grape type is Tempranillo- Garnacha blend. Tempranillo is a black grape with a thick skin widely grown to make full bodied red wines in Spain. This is also known as Spain’s noble grape this wine also proves to be very good for Sangria.



For the white wines point to be considered is that white wine should be zesty and aromatic. The most popular wine in this category is Torrontes, which is an aromatic white wine grape, which originated in Argentina. The wine has sweet floral aromas of rose petals and flavors of white peach and lemon zest. It is wonderful option for making Sangria. The other popular white wine for making Sangria is Chenin Blanc which is a bestselling crisp dry white wine which originated from the Loire valley of France and it is also called Steen when grown in South Africa It is versatile zesty and inherently high in acidity which goes well for sangria. Choose a good wine and have an awesome summer with Sangria.