Charlottesville is located amidst the lower slopes of the Blue Ridge mountain Range in Washington DC. Its location enjoys gorgeous views abundant hilltops that stretch for miles. Charlottesville has a rich history dating back to 1800’s and was named in honour of Princess Charlotte who married King George III.  The town has seen many developments from housing prisoners in the revolutionary war, to the first railway establishments and many travellers through the village.


Wine making in the region became popular by Thomas Jefferson who is also fondly known as the father of wine and wineries in Virginia. The art of manufacturing wine began for the region in the1970’s and over the years the skills and methods used has given it the honour of being one of the best wine manufacturers in the East of USA. The region is also blessed with fantastic natural influences due to its location.


Visit Charlottesville for a Great Wine Experience

Charlottesville is home to several reputable wineries that include the likes of:


  • Blenheim Vineyards – The establishment has won the hearts of many visitors despite its young inception in 2000. Blenheim Wineries strives to keep its reputation of producing some of the finest wines, reflecting the vineyards natural exposure to climate, rich soil quality and simply a showcase of the skill that goes into creating fine wine.



  • Jefferson Vineyards – Wine tasting enthusiasts will enjoy what Jefferson Vineyards has to offer. The family owned winery is established at the very same location where Thomas Jefferson and Phillip Mazzei introduced wine manufacturing to the United States. 



  • Moss Vineyards – Moss Vineyards thrives in their mission “to craft great wine in the heart of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia through biodynamic grape growing and impeccable terroir”. Run by husband and wife duo, Barry and Ellen Moss continues to bring great winemaking skill to the region since the birth of their winery in 2010. Visitors can enjoy great wine tasting, purchase souvenirs and make fantastic memories to take home.



  • Knights Gambit Vineyard – Knights Gambit Vineyards offer a great experience to all its guests. The establishment enjoys fantastic views of Blue Ridge Mountain Virginia. Knights Gambit produces their very own exclusive wines which includes the likes of Pinot Grigio and Petit Verdot.



Enjoy More When Visiting Charlottesville Wineries

Charlottesville is not only a popular wine establishment but also embraces a wide social presence amongst the locals and visitors alike. Visitors can enjoy wine tasting, wine festivals, concerts and many more things to do even within close proximity.



All the venues at Charllottesville Wineries have something for everyone. It is a perfect destination for a wedding or romantic getaway, a couple’s paradise. Families don’t feel left out because Charlottesville is big on family and whether you want to visit as a family holiday getaway, or simply a teambuilding experience, you will find the ideal accommodation for your winery experience needs. Enjoy a breath of fresh air and spectacular views and most of all a break from a stressful busy lifestyle.