British Columbia, home to the beautiful Rockies, amazing mountain view of Grouse Mountain, endless greenery and amazing Wineries this province has to offer. Just above the sprawling and bustling wine community of California, this Canadian Province boasts beautiful mountain views. The massive spacing between the towns of northern BC makes it hard to let tourists try your creations at the vineyard, so people tend to miss the beautiful lay away spots.



Northern BC consists mainly of get-away spots near the rivers and small communities of people that want to live far from the busy city life of Vancouver. These area’s are great places to facilitate vineyards. Mainly located east of the city, these vacation centers are littered with vineyards residing near the lakes. This area is also home to many farm and other agriculture businesses due to its amazing climate and exposure to the sun (which is hard to find in Canada). This makes it ideals for vineyards to cultivate amazing wines far away from exposures that would taint the rich soils needed for the vineyards. Once the wine is made it gets shipped to the city for distribution.


Vancouver is a up-standing and rich city where people eat lavish and drink extravagantly. Wineries in Vancouver keep to themselves, sticking to wine tasting clubs and socials per invite only. Making some of these wineries the best place to go if your looking to dip your feet in the sweet red nectar that mountains have to offer. With the creation of micro-brewed beers and IPA’s, Vancouver has been an up-and-coming center for the latest local drink creations. The wine industry however, has stayed roughly the same, by keeping to the code of best, fresh and local sourcing methods for their products. Living or staying in the greater downtown area will also mean that there will be always be a winery nearby.



A helpful tip for anyone deciding to come up here and try some of the local grows and brews, is to know what locations look good vs. what locations taste the best. Most of these more expensive looking wineries embody both taste and looks due to the nature of the local wines. With the tight-knit community of wine lovers here, it's generally hard to go wrong.


First glance of the city will show small signs of the Wine clubs in Vancouver. But when you get the chance to experience it, you will understand why. One of the greatest things here is the BC VQA or the British Columbian Vintners Quality Alliance, the FDA of wine in BC. As a quality insurance move for them was to make sure that all local wine labels came with specific instructions. The name of the winery, vintage, name of wine or varietal, assurance quality & where the grapes are grown. These insure you get the local flavor you want. With 300+ wineries and 75+ grape varieties, its no wonder the wine industry in BC continues to grow and prosper to this day.


By: Stephanie Cara