Cakebread Winery and Wines have been running the business down in the Napa Valley for the last 4 decades. Their business is now run by their second generation and has gone from a small family-owned winery to one of the most well-respected wineries in the Napa Valley. Cakebread Winery is known for its world-class wines, vineyards, and polite hospitality. Their commitment to quality is what has allowed them to become such great winemakers, distributors, and sellers.



Cakebread Winery Vineyards

Cakebread Winery and Wines have vineyards located in different areas of the Napa Valley, and even the Anderson Valley. It started from the first 22 acres were purchased in Rutherford, and with time the family has bought more properties and spread the business in the North Coast. They currently own 13 sites and have beautiful vineyards spread across them. Here is a list of all 11 vineyards the Cakebread Winery has that are currently used for production.


Tinsley Ranch Vineyard - located in the south-eastern part of Napa, and has been operating since 1992.


Winery Ranch - The original vineyard where it all started. The beautiful vineyard is located between the Mayacamas Mountains and the Napa River. And still, offers great tasting wines.


Milton Road Vineyard - is located on the south side of Napa Valley. Here the vines are rooted with a thin layer of loam soil.


Suscol Springs Vineyard - is located at the southeast side of the Napa, and offers a hillside feel. Here you will find hard and rocky soils, that have been well drained.



Anderson Valley Vineyards - situated on the bank of Anderson creek are the Apple Barn Vineyard and the Annahala Ranch.


Cuttings Wharf Road - features a cool growing season, which is why wines are rooted in loamy, uniform, and shallow soil that allows complete control over the root zone.


Dancing Bear Ranch - situated on the slopes of Howell Mountains, here the vine growing in a stressful environment.


Doggwood Vineyard - is located near the ridgeline of eastern hills in Napa. The sit features a bowl like a valley, so vines are planted in different ranges.


Foster Road Vineyard - set on the North edge of Carneros, right on the foot of Napa Valley.


Hill Ranch Vineyard - situated on the west side Napa, is a unique area that offers top production.


Maple Lane Vineyard - sits on the northern side of Napa Valley, here vines are rooted on the valley floor, and grow out to become gorgeous.


Cakebread Winery has been delivery quality wine for decades now, and their commitment to offering great wines is the reason why they are regarded amongst the top-rated winemakers in America. Cakebread Winery is known for their Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay wines which are distributed internationally.


Tour and Tasting

Cakebread Winery is open on a daily basis, but you will need an appointment. The tour starts from 10 am and are held till 4 pm. They are open all year around except for Easter, 4th of July, Christmas Eve and Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day.


By: Stephanie Cara