Have you ever gone to any boutique winery? If no, then here it is a place to visit very beautiful winery where you can taste one of the best wines in the world.  Briar Rose winery is situated in the Temecula valley of Southern California. It is beautifully designed by Beldon fields who had also worked for Walt Disney by assisting them in building Disney land. Beldon designed this valley for his wife in such a way that it looks exactly like that of Snow white’s cottage. In 1980’s this winery was sold to Les Linkogle with a promise that he will not make any changes in the structure of the cottage. Soon, Les and his wife Dorian started harvesting health giving, ripe grapes and as a result their wines began to win awards. Then, they got an idea of opening their own winery in 2002 and since that time winery has been winning the heart of the people.



Why you should go to Briar Rose Winery?


You must be curious to know about the specialty of the Briar Rose Winery. So, here are some points through which you can know everything about this winery.


Beautiful views:


Briar rose winery is designed in such a way that you can feel the beauty of the nature. There are so many amazing landscaped ground and breathtaking scenes of the valley and vineyards that you will have a feeling of a heaven. You can also relax under the shade of the olive tree with their gnomes.


Award winning wines:


The wines of this winery are so good that they have won so many awards and its popularity has reached the well known places like the Playboy Mansion and the White House also. The types of wines that they provide are:


  • Red wines:

The winery has an influencing collection like Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Super Tuscan, Cabernet Port, Petit verdot and Sangioves etc. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel are the signature superstars of the Briar Rose Winery.


  • White wines:

The white wines shows remarkable value and are specially for entertaining and casual dining. Among all the white wines , the Viognier and Gewurztraminer are the superstars. Others include Fume Blanc, Riesling, Citronier and Chardonnay.


  • Special  wines:

The special wines of Briar Rose Winery are Talking Frog Wine Lager and We Remember, a tribute wine.




The events organized by this winery are following:



The wedding day is a very important day of our life. It can also be stressful for the couple to select the desired venue for the wedding but Briar Rose Winery can make your wedding a stress free event by providing special packages such as:


  • Wedding floral package
  • Full wedding coordination
  • Professional Photography and many others


They also provide amenities like membership of wine club, extraordinary photo opportunities, convenient parking for guests etc.


Corporate and social events:-

Briar Rose Winery also organizes social events like Family Reunions, Birthday celebration, Anniversary Parties etc. You can also do fundraising, holiday and corporate events here conveniently.