Summer has started and so have the barbeque parties! BBQ is the signature style to celebrate hot summer day by the beach with some juicy intense flavored steaks. But what we forget to consider is the combination of the drinks and sides we have with those bbq savory items. The most popular beverage to have with BBQ is wine! Though choosing the right kind of wine is a difficult yet essential part. The BBQ is infused with charcoal smoke and intense flavors hence making it hard to combine with all kinds of wines. You need to make the right pick that compliments the BBQ flavors. A few things you need to consider while making the pick is the texture and weight of the food; different meats give different flavors and intensity when grilled, so make sure the wine enhances your BBQ flavor. The other factor to be considered while pairing wines is the sauces used. Now obviously you would not choose a strong wine with extra hot sauces; usually people go with lighter and more refreshing flavors with strong sauces.



Here are a few examples of wines that go best with grilled food:

Light Fish with Vegetables

Now for this category, we all know how crisp sparkling wine does the magic! Though another great alternative may be high acid or un-oaked wines for most of you. But the type that you are yet to discover is oaked styles or light roses! Yes, it works perfectly with that light fluffy meat. 


Rich Meat (Pork, Salmon, Chicken)

This meats are the most common. Now with this most people combine Pinot Noir which compliments the meal with its light earthy tone, but you can also enjoy a fuller boiled, darker-toned rose! You might think that the intense flavor is not a good choice, but try it once and you will feel how the wine further enhances the richness of these mouth-watering steaks.

Juicier, Savory Meat!

How can a BBQ be complete without a juicy rich beef steak with those creamy melty sauces on top! And what’s better? A glass of California Zinfandel! Well, that is what most of you go with, and so did I. but quite recently I tried pairing Australian Shiraz and Argentina Malbec with it, and surprising, they fit perfectly. 


By: Annie Wesley