Are you looking to visit Napa? Here we have compiled the best Wineries in Napa. As there is no questioning the best region that offers a complete range of wines and vineyards. There is no other region on this planet that offers as much as the Napa Valley does, as it's not just the wine it's known for. The best wineries to visit in Napa are not just based on the wine they serve, they are also based on the beauty they offer. There is no doubt that Napa Valley is home of some of the most exquisite wines in this world, which is why more than three million people come to enjoy all that the Valley has to offer.



Alpha Omega - is a family owned winery, and is located on Highway 29. It has made a name for itself as a high end winery. The place features a rustic bar like tasting room, which is open to the public. The place also offers private tasting and tours that have to be booked in advance. One of the best features of Alpha Omega is their panoramic terrace, as it helps in enhancing your experience.



Beaulieu Vineyard - are one of the oldest producers in Napa Valley, and offer a tour of the original winery building that have on their estate. The building dates back to 1885, and once you cover them, the tour shifts towards the barrel samples, and ends when you reach the Heritage Room. Which holds all the history of wine in Napa Valley.



Beringer - is one of the largest wineries in the world, and has built its name for the exceptional job they have done in producing high quality and high volume of wine. They have everything from the entry level bottling, to mind blowing private reserves. The fieldstone Rhine House was built in 1884, and is used as a tasting room. The place is known as a landmark in Napa Valley, and offers a range of tasting.



Black Stallion - the place offers seventeen grape varieties, and it can be tasted with flatbreads in the tasting room. The place is open to visitors, and can be booked in advance for groups.



Buehler Vineyards - the tours and tasting at the Buehler are hosted by the family themselves, and their understated Cabs are the best in value.



Cade Estate - the place offers a spectacular view of the Valley floor, and they are LEED Gold certified winery. The place is located on the Howell Mountain, and guests are allowed to taste their range in the outdoor living space.



Cakebread - is also located on Highway 29, and was one of the most well established places that helped Napa Valley gain credibility. The place offers range of red wines and Chardonnay. The Cakebreads have owned the place for some generations now, and offer a true educational experience along with food tasting.



Cairdean - is a new winery compared to the others, and is owned by two retired software executives. The place offers a great experience from their Brasswood bar to their wine country comfort food, each offers a great addition to your experience. Apart from the open tasting, there is a private Den room that needs to be booked in advance.


These are a few of the best wineries to visit in Napa Valley, and each of them offers a great experience. There is no one that will offer the same experience, which is why we suggest you check a few of them out.


By: Blake Smith