Relaxing can be done in different forms depending on your preference. Some people can calm their minds and bodies before or after a stressful day with yoga. Others opt for a glass of wine and good music. In both cases, the major aim is to release stress and curb activity inhibitions.


Wine tasting no longer means drinking different wine and making comparisons as several wineries have decided to ‘go Zen.' These wineries have a common goal which is to excite your taste buds and help you relieve stress.



Wine tasting experts have come up with facts to prove that yoga helps expand the sensory receptors, and as a result, the sense of taste is heightened. This phenomenon takes wine tasting to another level, making the experience highly sorted by wine enthusiast.


There are several wineries across the country and the world as expected, but just a few of them are beginning to adopt the Vinyasa-Vine culture. Here are some of those vinyasa wineries you should try:


Yoga in the Vineyard (Niagara-on-the-lake)


If your adventure thrill takes you to the Big White North, there is a lovely wine tasting and yoga location for you. Just at Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada, guests are offered a tour of some of the most prestigious wineries. These wineries include Château des Charmes, Southbrook Vineyards, and Flat Rock Cellars. The events provide an hour of guided yoga followed by the wine tasting tour, costing just $75 per person.



MERRYoga (Penns Woods Vineyard)


In Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania lies Penns Wood Vineyard which started its yoga and wine combination in May 2015. They offer a 60 minutes yoga class, Fridays at sunset and Sunday mornings. Penns Woods Vineyard with most of their classes emphasizing on youth believes aging wine helps balance the vibrancy of the spirit. With just $35 per class, you get a full guided yoga session, followed by a tasting of 5 different wines from their reserves. You will also get to munch on local veggies and pastries. They also offer a 10% discount on all wine purchase after class and a complimentary Penns Woods Vineyard wine glass.


Vino Vinyasa (South Coast Winery)


Vino Vinyasa, an event of the South Coast Winery, Temecula, California is more than just wine tasting and yoga. They have taken this practice to another dimension as their instructors pair different wine with body chakras. The weekly event which costs just $35, opens a new experience to participants. For example, movements associated with the crown chakra is paired with white wine, and motion that affects the root chakra is paired with red wine. The fascinating method has earned them high ranking on the must visit list.


The number of wineries that offer yoga classes is increasing by the day as more wine makers are beginning to appreciate the wine and yoga magic. Be sure to visit a yoga practicing winery today, and enjoy the experience first hand.