Wine touring is fast surfacing as a pastime of choice for tourists and wine lovers alike. Wine tourism is a rapidly growing industry with millions of visitors flocking the famous wine growing regions of United States each year.  With California heading the list of popular wine destinations in US, other regions are not far behind. A number of wine growing regions in United States boast high quality wines coupled with a breath taking landscapes. You can enjoy some amazing wine tasting, winery visits and exciting outdoors (all packed in one trip).


Top of the line wineries can be mapped in most regions of the U.S today. Most of these family run operations would open their doors to tourists for visiting vineyards, exploring the cellars, witnessing the wine making and taste their exotic products. Here is a list of Best US wine making regions:



  • Sonoma County   Sonoma County may not be as productive in volume as some of the other wine making areas (like Napa), but the variety it offers is just incredible. You’ll find just about everything from Zinfandel to Chardonnay.
  • Napa Valley.  Napa is undoubtedly the most famous wine making region in the United States. It produces the iconic Chardonnay and Cabs. With over 400 wineries, there’s more than just tasting wine in Napa. The fine dining, museum-worthy wine art collections, refreshing spas and lush golf courses make it a destination of choice.
  • Paso Robles.  Diversely located close to deserts, mountains and beaches, Paso Robles is one of the most exotic wine growing locations in the coastal mountain range of central California, Paso Robles (literally meaning “Pass of the Oaks”) is home to grape-growing since 1797 (now home to some 26,000 acres of vineyard, over 170 wineries and 40 varieties of wine.
  • Plymouth.  More famous for its gold rush, Plymouth is now more popular with travelers and wine lovers for great wine instead of gold. Wine tasting is obviously much easier than digging for gold, so you have the option to visit many of the small local wineries. Plan your visit to Plymouth on a weekend since most wineries open their doors for wine tasting for limited hours on weekdays.

Oregon - Willamette Valley

Rainy winters, cool climate and long daylight hours during vine growing season adds appeal to amazing Pinot Noir in Willamette Valley, Oregon. Living options range from cozy country B&Bs to hip hotels, so you would find the perfect night stay to relax after a long exciting day of wine-tasting.


New York - Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes are a quiet, beautiful retreat from your rat race. The regional micro-climate affords the ideal growing conditions for classic award-winning and sparkling wines. Housing over 100 wineries along Seneca, Keuka, Canandaigua and Cayuga lakes, the region offers several great regional wine trails to wine lovers.


Washington - Walla Walla

Previously famous for its sweet tasting onion, the Walla Walla Wineries are fast becoming the identity of this scenic town at the foot of the Blue Hills. The range of best tasting wines includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.  No wonder as combination of appealing scenery and exotic wineries place Walla Walla prominently on the list of hot wine tasting destinations.


Colorado - Palisade

The wine works in Colorado were booming in the early 20th century (until Prohibition hit the cellars). Many vineyards were reinvented with fruit trees. 1970s brought the winemaking back to Palisade, and now the region produces over 75% of Colorado’s wine grade grapes.


By: Stephanie Cara