Best Places For Vinery Weddings

Vinery weddings are trending nowadays. They give your wedding a new meaning!

Basically winery weddings take place in vineyards under the open sky. Usually people opt for flowing floral décor matching with their dress. These weddings are influenced by the old times wedding, which were simple yet graceful with a lot of nature around. Though it’s not as simple and cheap as it seems. There is a lot of designing involved by your wedding planner to achieve the perfect blend and ratios. Then the extensive food bar with delicate settings and cutlery. The furniture has to go with the décor and colors as well, let alone the stage décor hassle. All this require a lot of time, effort and money; but at the end, it’s all worth it!

In the United States, due to the great demand of vinery weddings, there has been a drastic increase in the vendors and locations being offered which might confuse a person, as in one look they all seem the same. Though with a little expert advice can make you choose the best possible place for your wedding. Choosing the right place not only makes it look beautiful, but also cuts down on a lot of small charges that you otherwise would have to pay to achieve the same look. 

Here is a list of the best vineries in United States, and their list of positives to help you pick the best option for you.

1. Brooklyn Winery

This has a perfect vintage look on a 8000 sq. foot space with floor to ceiling barrels of wine and barrel cocktail tables. It accommodates upto 100-165 guests with a parlour room, harvest room and the main bar. You can book this place all year round except for mid-September till October because of the weather. It is centrally located at 213 N 8th St., Brooklyn, New York with hotels nearby in Williamsburg.

2. Keswick vineyards

Now this has more to do with the historic touch. It is located right outside Charlottesville which gives you and your guests an easier excess to historic landmarks, restaurants and hotels. Exactly located at 1575 Keswick Winery Dr., Keswick, Virginia. It can accommodate up to 200 guests and offers several outdoor venue.

3. Wolffer estate

This 55 acres vineyard offers a decent terrace Tuscan style with a wide range of vendors that you can choose from. Located at 139 Sagg Road, PO Box 9002, Sagaponack, New York, accommodating upto 175 guests.

4. Pippin hill farm and vineyards

If you want more nature in your wedding then this is the best option! With a setup right in between mountains and rolling hills and a farm to table cuisine. This venue is ideal for all seasons and can accommodate up to 250 guests though you can also host as small as 50 guests with special accommodations. It is located at the 5022 Plank Road, North Garden, Virginia.

So these were the top 4 vinery wedding venues In the united states. We have highlighted the main points for you, now its up to you to choose which ever suits you best.