You can easily find a white wine bottle under $20. However, you need have a clear understanding about the white wines that can be purchased under $20 in order to go for the best one out of them. Here is a list of the best cheap white wines that tastes good. If you are looking to buy white wines under a tight budget, you can go for any of them based on your preferences.






Albariño is a Spanish grape, which has the potential to create straightforward and clean wines. This wine is usually paired with meat, seafood and cheese tapas. The Albariño are ripe and citrusy as well. This is a good everyday wine, which can be purchased for $10. It is a nice departure from the usual aspects and fits perfectly well to any white wine drinker.




Chardonnay can be considered as the most popular type of wine within United States in terms of market share. This white wine can also be purchased under $20. Chardonnay usually comes along with the aromas and flavors of nuts, apple, citrus and melon. It offers hints of grass as well. This white wine can be considered as an excellent accompaniment for spicy, Asian, fish and poultry foods.


Chenin Blanc


Chenin Blanc is one of the oldest white wine types that can be purchased from the market. This ancient grape has been grown on the vineyards of France for hundreds of years. It can also be considered as a versatile grape. Chenin Blanc wines tend to be fruity and rich. Citrus and apple undertones increase the complexity of this wine. Chenin Blanc pairs perfectly well with chicken, fish and salads. This wine offers a sweet taste and people prefer to pair it with Latin American and Asian cuisines with the objective of balancing out the spiciness.


Pinot Grigio


The nature of Pinot Grigio depends heavily on the location where grapes are grown. In fact, the color of the grape varies from one region to another. Out of these variations, the white texture has receive much attention and it is the most popular grape that is being used to make wine However, Pinot Grigio is in a position to match perfectly well with cheese, light pasta dishes and seafood. This white wine can also be purchased for under $20 from the market. Some people even prefer to use Pinot Grigio as a standalone sipper due to its unique taste.


Cheap Riesling


Cheap Riesling can be considered as a well-known white wine grape from Germany. It is grown in other parts of the world such as California, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Austria and France as well. The growing conditions are in a position to create a tremendous impact on the texture of this wine. However, Cheap Riesling generally consists of fruit and floral aromas. Cheap Riesling white wine offers a crisp acidity as well. This can also be purchased under $20.