Wine tasting has become a popular hobby and interest for many sophisticated individuals. There are so many different varieties of wine made from the finest quality grapes that tasting each one has become an experience in itself.


California is home to some of the world finest wineries. This is why people all over the world have flocked to this Golden State to sample some of the best wines in our world today. There are lots of locations in California that offer some fine wineries that are definitely worth the visit, and here are a few of them:


  1. Mendocino Wineries – The Mendocino community in California is home to some of the best wineries in the state. Enjoy cottage-like tasting rooms, elaborate and decorative vineyards, vintage décor, and exceptional goat cheese to go with your fine wine experience. Go on a gastronomic journey with the finest wines in the Mendocino area.
  2. Bay Area Wineries – The wines produced in the Bay Area were made from the finest grapes using carefully developed processes and procedures to ensure the highest-quality. These family owned wineries boast highly refined wines made by professionals with years of experience. What’s more, these brands have been owned by the same family for generations, ensuring that you get quality that spans years of practice.
  3. Santa Barbara Wineries – Santa Barbara has a thick concentration of wineries because of its rich vineyards. These wineries are known as some of the most posh, sophisticated, and up-scale tasting areas in the entire state. Sample expensive wines from experts who have been in the business for years and find out what well-aged, high-quality, hundred dollar wines taste like.
  4. Paso Robles Wineries In Paso Robles, you’re bound to find some of the hippest, chicest, trendiest wine tasting centers in the entire state. These wineries are known for their contemporary style and new age approach to an otherwise historical beverage. Enjoy tasting some well-aged wine in a modern, urban, and upbeat setting.


If you are planning a wine tasting trip to California, make sure to book your schedule ahead of time. These wineries are highly-sought after and so securing an early reservation will ensure that you get your wine tasting experience when you want it. Make sure you are aware of the touring and tasting hours, and prepare your palate for some of the best flavours you’re ever going to taste.


By: Chris Hartland