Wines made in Australia have a special style, list of specific ingredients, incredible taste, and aroma. If you ask anyone who has visited Australia as a tourist, they will confirm that wine tasting while you are in Australia is a must. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Australia or be an Australian resident to enjoy the beauty of this wine. Thousands of wine bottles from Australia are exported to the United States every year. In case you visit a wine store in your area, there are great chances that you will find varieties of red and white wine from Australia like chardonnay, shiraz, merlot, and cabernet mignon. Of course, you can also buy Australian wine over the Internet too. So, what is the best Australian wine for sale in the United States?



This is a very difficult question because every wine lover has a different taste. However, we can separate the best Australian wines into two categories – red and white and mention some of the best varieties.


First of all, we will focus on the white wines. Australian white wines have a fruity flavor especially when we compare them to the red wine varieties. Every white wine is good for light meals and some of the most popular varieties of white wine from Australia include sauvignon blanc, Riesling, and chardonnay. Light dinners and lunches are much better when you have the best Australian white wine close to you. You can use this wine as an afternoon drink too.


While we are talking about white wines made in Australia, we must mention chardonnay. There are several winemaking regions in this country and you can find this variety in all of them. Without any doubt, the Australian chardonnay is the best white variety that comes with lime-like, sharp taste. You can also find chardonnay with intense smoky flavor.



Next, we have the Australian red wines. Red wines are usually separated into three categories – light, medium and so-called full-bodied. Since Australia is a winemaking country with relatively long tradition, it is no surprise that you can find all categories of red wine there. Those who prefer light red wine can opt for nouveau versions which are found online in the United States. On the other hand medium, red wine usually includes shiraz and merlot. Finally, so-called full-bodied Australian red wines include Burgundy and cabernet sauvignon.


We will focus on cabernet sauvignon because many experts say that this is the best Australian wine which is also available in the United Sates. This is one of the top three grapes in Australia and it was first used in the Coonawarra region. What is interesting about cabernet sauvignon is that its ripeness affects the flavor, so you can experience a wide range of flavors. There are many Australian cabernet sauvignon wines in the United States with a flavor of different berries like plums, cherries, blueberries and blackberries.


We hope that this article will help you pick the best Australian wine available in the United States.