While wine tasting has some sense of sophistication attached to it, people who truly appreciate the drink see the activity differently. Becoming a wine connoisseur does not mean you need to become a snob and be all fancy with your lifestyle. What this status entails though is a scrutinizing palate and a passion about the drink’s flavors. If you’re thinking of advancing your taste levels in wine, here are a few ways to get you started:



Attend Wine Appreciation Events


One effective way to be acquainted with wine appreciation would be through attending events. In here, you can figure out why some individuals would equally be passionate about wine drinking. Their reasons may vary from holding wine cellars as part of their businesses, beverage bloggers up to drink aficionados.


Go to the top attended events, but ensure a good ratio of attendees. This way, the whole experience would not be as overwhelming as you get exposed to the world of wine.


Establish Your Basic Knowledge on Wine Profiling

While many would find how wine could be an acquired taste, building on your knowledge about its basic selections should further widen your vocabulary about the drink. While reading up on some good wine books, you can stack up on some flavors in your home. This way, you can be further guided on a theoretical and hands-on basis of profiling various types of wine from Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir and many more.


Keep a Wine Journal


Some days, wine consistencies may change based on your moods and even the food, which you mix them with. Doing this on a regular basis should make you more prolific about describing wine tastes in your own way. The best part about keeping wine journals is you can even talk about how wine selections tasted when you drink them alone, or with a company of friends.


Some medical practitioners would even say how alcohol makes a person, even more, creative since logical restraints are no longer present. This means aside from building on your wine vocabulary you can also review your creative progresses in the process of keeping a wine journal.


You may even put some corners in your diary, where some free thinking would be encouraged. If you have been figuring out some aspects of your business and personal life, which needs unrestrained ideas, you will less likely feel held back as you write about them after recording about your wine profiles.


Travel and See Wineries in Other Sides of the World


Wine tastes will differ depending on the soils of the lands where they got cultivated. After having established your taste on wine in the comforts of your city, you can see how their versions would have slight hints of taste differences in other areas. This experience should even give you further edge in having a wide range of tasting profiles.


These ideas should get you started towards becoming more of a wine connoisseur. Build on your very own must-do lists and be an expert soon.


By: Chris Hartland