The Bay of Fires Winery is located in Australia. To be precise it is in the northern part of Tasmania. While the uninitiated may not think much of location of a wine in influencing its taste, the weather can give fruits very different characteristics, so wine from different areas will have a high variety of different tastes. Tasting a wine from South Africa is quite a different experience from sipping a Chilean wine. That is why the location of the Bay of Fires Winery is very important to the development of the drinks created in the area and this business can give you a very unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else.


The Bay of Fires Winery has been in business for over 13 years. During all of this time, they have managed to become proficient in producing a wide variety of wines. One of these is their Riesling wines, which have all of the sweetness you would expect from this type of wine from Germany. They also offer the Sauvignon Blanc, a famous white wine. The sharpness of this wine is significantly increased due to the particulars of the location of the Bay of Fires winery. It has all of the taste you’d expect from a white wine with the added benefit of a different, more poignant taste of grapes harvested for its creation.



One of the great benefits of Tasmanian wine over that of other areas is the coolness of the area. Most of Australia is covered by desert, so Tasmania actually offers a fairly unique environment. Being at the south of the country, it experiences some of Australia’s coolest winters during what would be considered the summer months of the Northern Hemisphere. Few areas in the world are able to produce the abundance of cool-weather wines during what is the summer season in most of the world as Tasmania.


Another interesting property of Tasmania which can be passed onto the consumer is that Tasmania is an island. This gives the wine a taste that recalls the smooth ocean breeze. There is also the matter of the island having relatively lower sunlight times that would be found in areas closer to the equator. Different techniques must be used to harvest the fruit and to make sure they are only reaped at the height of their ideal harvest time. This makes wines produced by the Bay of Fires Winery have the special quality of being particularly selected. We cannot afford any leeway insofar as harvesting time is concerned so we maintain the highest level of discipline when conducting all of our business be it with fruits or the fermentation of the wine itself.


If you have never tried southern Australian wine, then you are in for a unique experience. Just like all of the uniqueness of the rest of Australia, the ones of Tasmania have a uniquely sharp taste. The sweetness is also more subtle than in other areas while still retaining a heavily fruity flavor.