Amazing DIY Home Bar: 8 Hacks and Ideas, No Matter the Budget 

Almost every person desires to have a custom home bar in his new house or apartment. A sophisticated and modern-looking bar costs a lot and requires a special place in the room. This is why people make such a big fuss about starting their home bar. Well, here is some good news for you ladies and gents of entertaining – if you already have three bottles of alcohol, ice tray and some lemons in your fridge you are at a good starting point.
Even the tiniest coroner in your room can make a great home bar with a little bit of creativity and enthusiasm. Moreover, stocking the bar doesn’t mean breaking the bank. There are a lot of choices for every budget; from the start of the bar construction to supplying it with your favorite spirits and liquors.

Pick a good Place

The first thing you’ll need to decide is where to put your home bar. It is rather very usual to place it in the dining room or the living room. Just imagine what surrounding would be more relaxing for your personal time and yet spacious and appropriate for a gathering with your friends. However, if you have room to spare you can create a whole room bar. It is common to be placed in the basement or in the yard as an outdoor bar.

Your home bar doesn’t have to be very extravagant and space-consuming. Moreover, you can create a home bar almost anywhere in your home with a bit of creativity and by following your own personal style and needs. You can make a small and cozy magnet for your friends and family by turning some of the old furniture into a bar. Here are some ideas.

DIY mini Bar

1. Get a bar cart

A bar cart is an easy and inexpensive way to create a bar area. It showcases the liquors and has a room for a different set of glasses. Moreover, it can be easily moved to different places in your home to serve different purposes or to actually serve people at parties. There are plenty of options available at online retailers from cheaper to more luxurious and expensive, however, you can also look at vintage shops or at thrift stores for an old one you can restore and have yourself a custom-made bar cart.


2. A freestanding bar made of any old furniture you possess


Home bars and so to say liquor cabinets are made to hold and show off the bottles and other appliances. This makes it easy when it comes to creating a bar from an old furniture part or any other old object. Moreover, in most cases, you’ll only need to remove or adjust some of the parts or simply re-arrange.

1. Bookshelves turned into liquor shelves is the easiest way to create a bar corner. Shelves can be made with a lot of different materials and with a little effort. Moreover, you can displace and re-arrange your books to make a room for a new home bar. It will actually look very cool if some of the books are a part of the bar arrangement.

2. An old dresser, old wardrobe even a whole storage cabinet can be transformed into a bar cabinet. Remove some of the doors, or replace them with a glass. Pull out the drawers and place them aside as a shelf or box. A fresh coat of paint on that wood can make it good as new. Moreover, if you don’t have anything old to play with, you can always buy old furniture at a very low cost.

3. Get your creativity even further by converting a big old suitcase, an old TV or radio to a cute mini bar. An old barrel is a very authentic and smart idea for a custom made home bar. Was there an old gramophone in your attic? The possibilities are endless.

 Fetch some cool ideas and start building your home bar today.

Which are the basic Spirits to start the Bar with?

The crucial thing to keep in mind when stocking your home bar is to buy the drinks you actually enjoy. You are going to be the most frequent visitor of your home bar so always choose quality over quantity. Visit the EC Proof and you can check the items on your wish list.

Start with a bottle or two of your favorite spirit type and some ingredients to mix your favorite cocktails with.  Having the drinks you adore and surely understand how they should be served and properly consumed is a great way to share your personal taste with your friends.

The best recommendation is to always have something for a cocktail, something for drinking neat and something on the exotic side of the things, for the special occasions.

It’s 5 am. Is the bar open? The answer is always YES! After you set up your perfect home bar the party never ends.

by Sam Hoffman