There is nothing quite like enjoying a nice bottle of wine with friends, but the problem is that unless you have a dinner date arranged in advance, you may not have time to properly prepare the wine that you are going to drink. By properly preparing, we mean decanting the wine so that all the flavors and aromas are released in the way that the winemaker intended. Decanting wine is the way to get the very best out of it, but the problem is that not everyone has time to do it, especially when guests show up unexpectedly. The makers of the Sonic Decanter believe that they may have solved that problem.



The people behind the Sonic Decanter have fused their love of technology with their love of wine, and they have created a device that is sure to land in the homes of people who enjoying getting the most out of every bottle of wine. The Sonic Decanter comes in at around $200, depending on where you shop, which may seem like a rather hefty investment for something that you may not have heard of before. That is why we are going to let you in on what it does, and how it can work for you.


The Sonic Decanter is an aesthetically pleasing device that comes in either white or black, and which is the perfect size for your countertop. It’s a sleek looking unit that features a circular display on front with a digital readout, which is where the decanting time is displayed when the unit is in use. While the idea of using technology to decant wine may seem intimidating, the reality is that the Sonic Decanter is easy to use right out of the box. All you need to do is add water, choose whether you are decanting red or white wine, set the time, and let the unit do the rest.



You might well be wondering how placing a bottle into a space-age looking decanter might mean getting all the flavors and aromas out of your wine, and this is where the genius part comes into play. The Sonic Decanter uses patented sound wave energy to affect the molecules of the wine and do what a regular decanter does in a fraction of the time. Not only does it work on bottles of wine you are about to drink, it also breathes new life into wines that have been previously opened.


As if this weren’t straightforward enough, the makers of Sonic Decanter have also developed a smartphone app that gives you total control over your wine. Specifically, you can get the perfect decanting time for different styles of wine, after which you can set up your decanter, and all without ever getting off your phone. Technology has finally caught up to the art of decanting, and we can safely say that you will be pleased that it has. The Sonic Decanter absolutely delivers on what it says it can do.