Many wine enthusiasts know that California is one of the best places in North America when it comes to fine wine. However, only a small number of them visit California and take wine tours because they believe that this is a costly affair. Well, they are wrong. It turns out that it is possible to enjoy an affordable California wine country vacation without breaking the bank. In this article, we will explain how.


Choose a promising valley


As we all know, Napa Valley is by far the most popular wine producing region in California. As a result of its popularity, the accommodation, wine tasting, and other activities in this part of California are a little bit expensive. But, as you are probably aware, there are many other promising areas where you can spend your vacation. According to some experts, Russian River Valley and Sonoma Valley are inexpensive, yet interesting areas. You can find dozens of attractive wineries there and some of them even have free tastings.


Go during the slack season


If you ask the owners of any winery in California when is the busiest period of the year, they will confirm that this is the summer period. But, California has a pleasant climate all year round. There is no doubt that spending a weekend or a whole week in some of the valleys in California in July is a fantastic experience, but this is the time of the year when the hotels are full and the prices are high. If you want to enjoy an affordable California wine country vacation come in slack season. Keep in mind that even in winter months, the temperatures are between 40 and 60 degrees. And it’s not just the money – you will get more attention from the owners and management.


Check the free tastings


The vast majority of wineries in California provide complete tours. During these tours, you will learn more about how they make wine and check the production facilities. In the end, you will get a chance to taste their wine. But, most of these wineries also have short tours and offer free tastings, so don’t miss this opportunity. In addition, you can find many coupons online that provide discounts.


Bring a lunch


Tasting wine without eating is not recommended. This is the reason why you can find wine-tasting lunch packages at many wineries. This is a great experience, but it is also a costly experience. If you want to save money and enjoy wine tasting, you can always bring your own lunch. Pack a lunch that includes foods that pair good wine. But, before you do this make sure that the winery allows picnicking.


Use your bicycle


If you want to save even more money on a great vacation like this, you can use your bicycle to visit a few wineries in the same valley. Leave your car at one place and use your bicycle. There are guided bike tours, so consider this option too.


By: Annie Wesley