Nestled in the picturesque location of Niagara's Beamsville Bench, Fielding Estate Winery is the perfect destination to indulge in the fruity flavors of local wine. Explore the art of wine making and learn more about its long lasting history, as you sip on delicious varieties of red, white and dessert wines. Using the finest grapes and paying attention to the slightest detail throughout the wine making process, Fielding Estate Winery boasts superb flavors and wines that travel the world in the hands of the chosen few with pride.



The idyllic location and the dedication of the team have made the winery stand out and gain a remarkable reputation over the years. The love of the Fieldings for wine is depicted in how much they care for the Wine Lodge and their legacy. They take part in various events all year round related to wine, while they focus on training programs of Oenology and Wine Tasting. For those who want to visit the Wine Lodge, there are special tours and tastings held on a daily basis. You can taste wine and food in an inspiring environment or join a group tasting, according to your own preferences. At the end of the tour, you can buy the wine you have enjoyed most at the wine shop.



The Art of Wine Making


There is a whole craft behind wine, and Fielding Estate Winery knows how to produce the most sumptuous wine varieties for your palate. Experts are devoted to their work in all the stages of wine making, so as to carefully produce a true masterpiece every single time. Handpicking the grapes, gently pressing them without crushing for the juice to flow naturally, ensuring the perfect acidity and richness of wine. These are all secrets that have survived time and add to the mastery of wine making, incorporated by Fielding Estate Winery. Enriched with distinctive aromas, herbs and spices, the wine varieties produced on this winery tempt your senses with their intoxicating fragrances and vivid colors.



Wine Club


For those who love wine and enjoy the utmost quality standards in wine making, Fielding Estate Winery welcomes you to the Wine Club. If you subscribe, you will enjoy exclusive benefits from the winery in Niagara. Among them, you will get complimentary tours and tastings at the Wine Lodge, and you will be shipped quality wines at regular intervals every year. You will learn more about recipes to accompany the wine and extra tips and secrets for exclusively enjoying every sip of your favorite nectar. If you love wine, this is a club you will want to join!


Visit the magnificent Fielding Estate Winery, so as to admire the vast vineyards and the Wine Lodge. In a place where time seems to stand still, wine making follows the perfect course of time, and the craftsmanship of the experts brings out the best outcome. Every sip is a true surprise to your palate, exciting your senses and traveling you to places far away!