7 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers in 2019

The enchanting flavors of a perfect bottle of wine is a gift to mankind. But picking the right gifts for the ones enticed by the burgundy drink could be quite tricky. A nice bottle of the finest wine would, of course, make the perfect gift. But a little bit of creativity to your choices will ensure you give a memorable gift that lasts for a lifetime. 

Impressing wine lovers without wine 

Now that you have decided to think outside the bottle there are tons of gifting ideas to please the oenophiles in your life. Anything that makes their wine experience better is a gift and that is the way for you to find the best gifts. It could be a wine tote that helps to chauffeur your bottle around easily. A wine cooler and aerator that brings the best flavors of the drink into your glass instantly. A portable wine glass that lets your wine accompany you everywhere you go or even openers and decanters that helps them get to their favorite drink faster. Apart from these, you can also try some exciting ways of introducing wine to their life through their bath salts, perfumes, art and fill their life with flavors of their favorite drink.

So, here are 7 best gifts you can hand a wine lover that will blow their mind away.

1. Riedel Swan wine Decanter: Aerating your wine helps to bring out the intricate flavors of the drink along with the aroma. Decanters are used to transfer the wine from the bottle before it reaches your glasses to ensure the drink is exposed to enough oxygen. The Riedel Swan wine Decanter is a fine design that is crafted to elegance. It is a handmade crystal work of art that has acquired the design of a bird with an elongated neck and a curved body. From creating functional wine glasses to functional decanters, Riedel has created this Swan Decanter which is a fine choice to gift wine lovers.

2. Five Bottle Floor Wine Rack: The five bottle floor wine rack is the right choice of furniture to gift any wine enthusiast. Designed and sold by Cosmo living, this fun piece of furniture that fits in right with the décor is a must have for any wine lover. The top rack can store your glasses and the bottom can hold five bottles of wine and should hence be the center table for book clubs, parties and friends and family gatherings. The minimalistic design with white and gold finish, the removable top tray for serving, the holder to house more wine glasses and the metal and plastic finish make it an ideal choice of gift to steal a wine lover's heart.

3. Pedal Happy Leather-Handled Wine Carrier: Of course you can carry a bottle of wine in a bag. But a fine drink as thus deserves a classy and elegant carrier to add more charm to it. Who said you can only add a sexy case to your black craft? And that is why a Leather wine carrier will simply be amazing. For your wine-loving friends hit by wanderlust, The Pedal Happy Leather – Handled Wine Carrier is the gift of their dreams. The fine cut, durable fabric, and of course the option of sporting your bottle any place you go makes it a lovely choice of gift. This way they can enjoy the finest varieties while they travel to wine consuming nations anytime they like.

4. Rose All Day Large Candy Gift Set: A rose a day will keep your partner gleaming in happiness. But “Rose` all day” will leave them enchanted by its flavors. There is no wine that is as subtle and light as a bottle of soft rose`. This is all the more reason why it makes the perfect gift choice for a wine lover who loves to cherish the crisp touch of sweetness in their wine. “ Rose` all day is a charming slider box with two tiny treats to enjoy. One cube has Rose` Gummy Roses and another has Rose` All Day Gummy bear. This simply blends the best of your childhood and adulthood together in a box. What better gift can you think of?

5. A Date with Wine Stopper: To the forgetful wine lovers in your life and the ones who follow the one glass per day rule but can't keep track of the opening date, the Cleaver Wine Stopper is a life changer. The stopper is made from food grade stainless steel and silicone and comes with twistable date rings that help you record the month and date of opening. Created by a New York-based designer George Lee, this topper puts the end to the “ Is it or is it not worth drinking” games. Also, this way you don’t have to waste up the leftover wine trying recipes and rather keep it for your next party.

6. Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder: Wine belongs everywhere. Not just in your kitchen, or dining hall, or lawn or at a party, simply everywhere and that includes during your shower too.  If you wish to place the perfect gift for a wine lover then a soothing bath with essential oils, aromatic candles, some fun magazines and nonetheless a Sipski Shower glass holder to hold the glass of the finest variety is the right choice. The holder ensures the wine is spill-proof and is also easy to install.  Sold at Urban Outfitters this holder definitely makes showers longer. Not just wine you can sneak in some Louis xiii cognac for the “let this day end” times too.

7. OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew: Before you master the art of wine tasting and analyzing, you should always start at the basics - master the wine key. But for those friends who can never get a grip of the right way to open the wine cork the OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew is essential. The design uses a lever to coax the cork of the wine bottle out saving the yanking and breaking. It is easy to use and ensures you get to sip your wine on time instead of wasting hours trying to open the bottle.

These thoughtful gifts will be a delight to every wine lover and will fill their hearts with wine lust. So use these amazing gift ideas for the holiday seasons to gift a lasting memory.  

Engraved Gifts for Birthday:

If you want to give surprise to your closed ones on their birthday then you must plan something great and unique to make them gleeful. Today there are a lot of refreshing gifts which you can plan to gift, one of them is engraved gifts. You can celebrate the occasion of birthday parties with personalized wine bottles, It doesn’t matter who is celebrating a brand new birthday – whether it be a family member, friend, loved one, or coworker at the office – Happy birthday engraved gift that is personalized wine bottles ensure that the year doesn’t slip by unnoticed. Memorialize the special occasion with a custom etched bottle of wine, Templeton Rye Gift Set – With Engraved Bottle, or a champagne birthday gift! Whether it’s a milestone birthday or one of the many numbers in between, every year deserves to be immortalized with a gesture that doesn’t fade away with time.

by Rebecca Siggers