Each game moves you to a fun experience of blind tasting with friends, to experiment and learn about the wines of exclusive national wineries.


Test your senses and become a connoisseur. With each wine, you can find everything you need to set up your blindfold tasting party. The quality of the wines and the elements we put in them will make your experience one of a kind!


Let’s have a look at some of the most popular wine tasting games:

Chained Words

In a clockwise sense, each player must say a word (existing and in English) that begins with the same syllable with which the word that the previous player said was. Example: soup, peas, sugar, rice etc. At the beginning, it is not very difficult but when you take a few turns, you start to see the difficulty level.

I Have Never

Each player says the phrase "I have never ...” followed by something he/she has or has not done. For example, "I have never gone to a party". Players who have done what the phrase says (In this case, have gone to a party), drink. If none of the players have ever done what the phrase says, only the one who has said it drinks.

The Money Game

We recommend playing with 10 or 5 cent coins.


Choose a hard surface where the coin can be rebound without difficulty and try to put it inside a glass. The rules vary according to who plays it. If your coin strikes the edge, try again. If you put it in, keep trying until you get it and then you give out the number of drinks each time you put the coin in. If one of the players put the coin in another glass, it takes a bottom. The loser must take. You can also play by groups and the group that 10 first wins.

The Buffalo

A very popular game in Iceland is to gather around a table and drink whenever you please while you chat with your friends but everyone has to do it with the left hand (except if you are left-handed) and when someone is aware that another is drinking with the right hand, he/she says: “Buffalo!” pointing toward the person.

Pim, Pam, Pum

It is a simple game but you have to think and as you drink, it is more difficult. It consists in saying the numbers in order (1, 2,3,4,5 ...), but you cannot say three or multiples of three nor numbers that have three. Instead, we will say Pim. Neither can you say five or multiples of five, nor numbers that have five, and instead, you have to say pam. The same goes with seven: Neither seven nor multiples of seven nor numbers that have sevens. Instead, you say pum. The thing would look like this: 1, 2, Pim, 4, pam, Pim, pum, 8, Pim, pam, 11...


By: Blake Smith