In countries around the globe, particularly in USA, any event is incomplete without wine. According to Impact Databank, United States of America is declared as the largest wine consuming country in the world.


Wine is an integral part of America’s culture, with over 7,700 wineries across the whole country. The rise in popularity is credited to many factors, comprising the fact that people of America dine out more and always include wine to cuisine. Everyday life of any American is incomplete without wine. This is why almost each state has a winery.


California, New York and few other states are ranked highest in production of quality wine throughout the whole world. However, California produces five times more than any other state. Wine produced from Virginia and Texas is mainly for local consumption instead of national markets or international export.


The U.S. has left behind countries like Italy and Spain in wine production. It is currently world's fourth-largest wine-producing country and produces about 18.5 million hectoliters every year.


The production of wine has been taking place since the early 17th century and has evolved drastically in terms of taste, quality, amount of production and demand.


Following are 5 states involved in wine production.  You may or may not be alarmed to see few of these names:


1.     Alaska: Yes Alaska! You may find Alaska in the list of states producing wine unbelievable but believe it or not, Alaska does produce good quality wine.


It may be too cold up there to grow grapes but that does not stop them to produce wine. Alaska mostly produces fruit wines which are made with fruits other than grapes. What is more? Not only does Alaska produce wine, it has 4 wineries which mainly produce fruit wines. Some of the wineries even produce ice wine which is exported nationally and internationally.


2.     Washington: Everyone knows that Washington is nation’s capital but not many people know that it is also the second largest wine producing state of the nation.


In Walla Walla, a famous town in Washington, a new winery takes birth every 2 weeks. Moreover, Washington produced 24.5 million gallons of wine in just a single year.


3.     Rhode Island: Most people are often shocked to know that wine is actually produced in Rhode Island which is 6 miles from downtown Newport. It is the largest producer of wine grapes.


Diamond Hill Vineyards, Sakonnet Vineyards and Winery, Greenvale Vineyards and Newport Vineyards are the 4 active wineries in Rhode Island.


4.     Michigan: Over the last decade, the state of Michigan has become an interesting new region for wine. It is a known fact that the wine industry contributes $300 million each year to Michigan's economy.


The 3 types of grapes used for wine in Michigan are:

                        I.         Vinifera

                      II.         Native

                    III.         Hybrid


Moreover, the vineyard area has doubled over the few years.


5.     Maryland: There are about 70 licensed wineries in Maryland and the establishment of its first winery dates back to 1945.


Annual sales of wine are estimated at $26 million. Maryland wine is served at 300 restaurants across the state.


By: Chris Hartland